Registers and Policies

Registers provide transparency on public information regarding the Shire's administration and Council. 

Complaint Register

Complaint Register

Delegation of Authority Registers

Delegation of Authority Registers

Sub-Delegation of Authority Registers

Elected Member Training

Elected Member Training Report

Electoral Gift Register

Electoral Gift Register

Fees, Expenses and Allowances for Council Members

2020-2021 Register Fees, Expense or Allowances for Council Members

2021-2022 Register Fees, Expense or Allowances for Council Members

2022-2023 Register Fees, Expense or Allowances for Council Members

Gifts, Benefits, Hospitality and Travel Contributions Register

Gifts, Benefits, Hospitality and Travel Contributions Register

Primary and Annual Returns

Primary and Annual Returns Register 2023-2024

Primary and Annual Returns Register 2022-2023

Primary and Annual Returns Register 2021-2022

Primary and Annual Returns Register 2020-2021


Policy M1 - Council Members Access to Information

Policy M2 - Council Members Fees, Allowances and Reimbursement of Expenses

Policy M3 - Council Members and CEO Public Statements Policy

Policy M4 - Communications

Policy M5 - Council Members Continuing Professional Development

Policy M6 - Council Members Recognition of Continuous Service

Policy M7 - Attendance at Events and Functions

Policy G1 - Execution of Documents

Policy G2 - Senior Employees

Policy G3 - Honorary Freeman of the Shire of Murray

Policy G4 - Civic Awards and Commendation - Shire President's Awards

Policy G5 - Complaints

Policy G6 - Public Interest Disclosure

Policy G7 - Risk Management

Policy G8 - Legal Representation - Costs Indemnification

Policy G9 - Elections Signs and Mobile Information Centres during Election Campaigns

Policy G10 - Temporary Employment or Appointment of Acting Chief Executive Officer

Policy G11 - Purchasing

Policy G12 - Disposal of Property

Policy G13 - Citizenship Events Dress Standards

Policy G14 - Fraud and Corruption Control

Policy G15 - Community Engagement

Policy A1 - Customer Service Charter

Policy A2 - Review of Policy Manual

Policy A3 - Annual Shire of Murray Administration Office Closure

Policy A4 - Records Management

Policy A5 - Information Management

Policy A6 - Closed Circuit Television

Policy A7 - Work, Health and Safety

Policy A8 - Equal Employment Opportunity

Policy A9 - Defence Reservist Leave

Policy A10 - Payments to Employees in Addition to a Contract Award - Staff Farewells and Presentations

Policy A11 - Staff Usage of Shire Vehicles

Policy A12 - Appointment of Rangers as an Authorised Officer/Person

Policy A13 - Letting of Council Properties

Policy A14 - Vesting of Land and or Buildings

Policy A15 - Asset Management

Policy A16 - Graffiti Management

Policy A17 - Entering into Business Arrangements or Disposal of Goods, Services and Property

Policy F1 - Regional Price Preference

Policy F2 - Investment of Funds

Policy F3 - Related Party Disclosure

Policy F4 - Borrowing Program

Policy F5 - Corporate Credit Card

Policy F6 - Debt Collection

Policy F7 - Rating Concession - Bona Fide Primary Producers

Policy F8 - Asset Capitalisation

Policy F9 - COVID 19 Financial Hardship

Policy C1 - Australia Day Awards

Policy C2 - Swap Meets - Markets

Policy C3 - Hire of Council Properties

Policy C4 - Consumption of Liquor on Council Property by Outside Users

Policy C5 - Recreation Vehicle Use - Portion of Reserve 45518

Policy C6 - Leasing Freehold and Reserve Land to Community Groups, Sporting Clubs and Other Non-Profit Organisations

Policy C7 - Community Sponsorship Fund

Policy C8 - Community Assistance Partnership Fund (CAPF)

Policy C9 - Community Facility Fund

Policy C10 - Waiver of Fees and Charges - Venue Bookings

Policy C11 - Lane Allocation - Murray Aquatic and Leisure Centre

Policy C12 - Murray Library Services

Policy C13 - Public Computer Use - Murray Library

Policy C14 - Community Association Funding Allocation (CAFA)

Policy W1 - Road Construction Acquisition of Land

Policy W2 - Crossovers

Policy W3 - Drainage of Private Property within Townsites

Policy W4 - Footpaths/Shared Use Paths

Policy W5 - Sealing - Second Coat Seal

Policy W6 - Guidelines for Subdivisional Development

Policy W7 - Light Vehicle Purchasing

Policy W8 - Street Name - Signs

Policy W9 - Non-Standard (Decorative) Street Lighting

Policy W10 - Road Verge Directional Signs

Policy W11 - Internally Illuminated Directional Signs

Policy W12 - Private Works

Policy W13 - Naming of Localities, Roads, Parks, Reserves and Buildings

Policy W14 - Construction of Private Launching Ramps - Yunderup Canals - Stage 1

Policy W15 - Street Verges and Streetscaping

Policy W16 - Street Tree Removal

Policy W17 - Weed Control Work within Road Reserves

Policy W18 - Unkept Verge Management

Policy W19 - Heavy Vehicle Cost Recovery - Guidelines for Sealed Roads

Policy W20 - Memorial Seats and Plaques in Reserves and Public Open Spaces

Policy PS1 - Applications for Review with State Administrative Tribunal

Policy PS2 - Applications for Determination by the Joint Development Assessment Panel

Policy PS3 - Trading in Public Places

Policy ES1 - Bushfire Preparedness, Prevention, Planning and Enforcement

Policy ES2 - Emergency Management