There are many ways you can get involved, check out the programs below for more information. 

Adopt a Verge

The Waterwise Adopt a Verge program encourages residents to establish waterwise verge gardens and offers rebates for doing so.

Why Adopt a Verge

  • Reduce water consumption and associated water bills.
  • Greener streets and improved streetscapes.
  • Provide habitat and nature links for wildlife, increasing local biodiversity.
  • Improved air quality.
  • Reduce stormwater runoff into rivers and waterways.
  • Create a cooling effect and reduce temperatures and the ‘heat island effect’ during summer.
  • Improve streetscape amenity.
  • Connect people to nature.
  • Promote safer and more comfortable walking environments.
  • Improved mental health and wellbeing.

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Healthy Habitats 

A collaborative partnership between Shire of Murray and Landcare SJ, the Healthy Habits program encourages the protection of natural areas in private ownership.

Landowners are invited to join the program and receive:

  • Ongoing information and advice about bushland management.
  • Site visit and an ecological assessment with specific management advice.
  • Pest Management Plan for your natural area.
  • Assistance with funding to carry out bushland management activities.

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Waterwise native plant giveaway

Registrations closed

We’ve given away all of our waterwise native plants for 2024! Thank you to everyone who registered. 

To be notified when registration for the 2025 giveaway opens, please complete this form. 

The giveaway caters to all types of landowners and offers a selection of native groundcovers, small and medium shrubs, and trees based on property size.

Native plants are ideal for WA gardens as they establish quickly, provide valuable food and habitat for local species, and once established consume much less water than non-native species.

Important things to note: 

  • Lots over 2000sqm are eligible to receive five trees and 10 small-to-medium shrubs. 
  • Lots under 2000sqm are eligible to receive eight small shrubs and one tree.
  • Registrations are essential as there is a limited supply of plants. 
  • A select group of local native species will be on offer, depending on nursery availability. 
  • This is open to Shire of Murray residents only. 
  • ID and proof of address is required to pick up the plants. 
  • One set of plants is allowed per household.