A Liquor Licence is granted by the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor. The Department requires applicants to include a Section 40 Certificate as part of the application process and this can be obtained from the Shire of Murray. 

A Section 40 application ensures a liquor licence does not contravene or contradict an existing planning decision or requirement. We may include conditions on a Section 40 Certificate to ensure the liquor licence fits within the parameters of a planning decision or requirement.

To apply for a Section 40, please follow these steps:

Step 1 - Find out if you need a Section 40 Certificate

You will need to make a Section 40 application if you plan to submit a Liquor Licence request to the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor.

Step 2 - Complete a Section 40 Certificate Application Form

Section 40 Application Form

Step 3 - Gather supporting documents

Alongside your Application Form, you will need to submit a site plan showing the area(s) to be licenced and a copy of the application to be lodged with the Liquor Licensing Board.

Unless otherwise authorised, plans are required to conform with regulation 11 of the Liquor Control Regulations 1989 (the Regulations). In particular, floor plans are to be on at least A3 size paper or larger, and drawn to a scale of 1:100.

Electronically submitted plans must show:

  • The factual floor plan of the proposed licensed premises, scaled or with dimensions clearly depicted on the plan.
  • All entrances and exits to the proposed premises.
  • All bars, patron toilets, kitchen and back of house.

Step 4 - Submit your application

Your full application can be submitted: 

In person: Administration Office at 1915 Pinjarra Road, Pinjarra

Post: PO Box 21, Pinjarra, WA, 6208 

Email: mailbag@murray.wa.gov.au

Step 5 - Make payment

If you are submitting your application in person, please bring payment with you.

If you are submitting your application electronically, we will contact you to arrange payment once your application has been registered. 

Planning Fees and Charges

Step 6 - Receive your certificate

If your application is approved, we will send you a Section 40 certificate. You can then supply this to the Department as part of your Liquor Licence Application.