A crossover is the section of a driveway between a property boundary and the road. The landowner is responsible for the construction and maintenance of a crossover. 

Also see Adopt a Verge for information on verge management.


Before starting work, read Specifications for the construction of a standard vehicle crossover.

If your crossover cannot meet these specifications, contact us to discuss an alternative solution prior construction.

Applying for a subsidy

Once your crossover is complete you can apply for a subsidy, provided construction meets the required specifications.

A subsidy payment is 50 per cent of the works value or a maximum of $250.

For example:

  • If your crossover costs $300, you can be subsidised $150 (50 per cent).
  • If your crossover costs $1,000, you are eligible for $250 maximum.

Applications must be made within six months of construction and be accompanied by contractor receipt, proof of payment (invoice or delivery docket) or proof of costs if self-constructed.

Complete the online application form or download. Online forms are submitted directly via this website. If you download the application form, please print and complete the form, returning it the Shire by post or in person.

Note: If the works were completed by a contractor, the online application form will require their signature to confirm the crossover has been constructed in accordance with Shire standards and specifications.