Owning a Cat

 To be a responsible cat owner:

  • Sterilise, microchip and register your cat by the time it is six months old.
  • Make sure your cat wears a collar with a bell and registration tag.
  • Protect native wildlife from your cat.
  • Do not allow your cat to cause a nuisance to your neighbours.
  • Take it for regular vet check-ups.
  • Keep your property clean.
  • Comply with the Animal Welfare Act 2002 and the Cat Act 2011.


Register your cat

Complete a Cat Registration Form

The following supporting documents and information may be needed:

  • Proof of sterilisation and microchipping, including the microchip number. You can get these details from your vet.
  • Proof of exemption from your vet, if applicable. 
  • Breeder exemption certificate, if applicable.
  • Pensioner concession card, if applicable.

If you can’t attain a sterilisation certificate, please complete a statutory declaration form.


Please prepare your payment as listed on the application form. Once received, we will give you a registration tag to attach to your cat’s collar. This helps us reunite you with your cat if it gets lost.

Fee Pensioner
One year $20 $10
Three years $42.50 $21.50
Lifetime $100 $50
Breeder $100 $100 (no consession)

Replacement tags

Replacement tags can be purchased from our Administration Office for $2.75 per tag.

Renew registration

If you register your cat for one or three years, renewal forms will be posted to you, generally towards the end of the year.

Your renewal fee will be included on the form. You can also update your contact details, notify us of change of ownership or registration, or let us know if your cat has passed away.

Update your details

If you’re new to Murray and your cat is registered elsewhere in WA, transfer your registration. No additional fees apply.

Remember to tell your previous local government about your change of details and update the details with your vet.

Change of ownership

Adopting a cat?

If your cat is already registered with us, complete a change of details form and return to the Administration Office, post to PO Box 21, Pinjarra WA 6208 or email mailbag@murray.wa.gov.au.

There is no fee for change of ownership. However, you will also need to update the details associated with the cat’s microchip.

If your adopted cat is registered with another local government, we recommend transferring the registration. Please complete the registration form and make sure you have the cats’ tag numbers.

Need to find a new home for your cat?

If you are unable to care for your cat, the following organisations may be able to help.

Cat Haven


Nuisance cats

Cats are considered a nuisance if they roam, attack wildlife or create a disturbance in or around a property.

If you experience problems with cats in your area, you can:

  • Use natural deterrents around your property such as citrus peel, coffee grounds, lavender or other strong scents. You can also use pinecones, heavy bark mulch or other rough – cats don’t like the feel of it on their paws.
  • Talk to the cat’s owner. If this is a neighbour, have a friendly chat about your concerns.
  • As a last resort you can borrow a cat trap from our Ranger Services, free of charge for up to seven days. If using this method, it’s your responsibility to ensure the welfare of the cat as it can be extremely stressful for them. You will need to sign a trap hire form and our Rangers will show you how to set the trap.

Please do not take any action that will injure or harm the cat or that is in breach of the Animal Welfare Act 2002.


You will need to complete a separate registration form for each cat you intend breeding with.

You will also need the details of the cats, including their microchip numbers.

As well as the registering their cats, breeders should complete Part D of the Cat Registration Form and attain membership with a prescribed organisation. 

Australian National Cats

Cat Owners Association of Western Australia

Control Council of Western Australia