Rural Street Number Application

Rural Street Numbers have been implemented in Murray in accordance with a national model and in partnership with Landgate, Emergency Services, utility providers, the Electoral Commission and Australia Post.

The allocated number becomes the property’s street address/house number whilst the property’s lot number is retained. Where there is a separate entrance to a secondary dwelling on a property, each entrance requires a unique Rural Street Number.

The objective is to provide a Rural Street Number to every Rural and Special Rural property to ensure all partners including the Shire are able to locate a property quickly and easily, particularly in the event of an emergency.

Find out how to apply for a rural street number here. 

Step 1 - Complete an application 

Rural Street Number Application Form

Step 2 - Submit your application 

Your application can be submitted: 

In person: Administration Office at 1915 Pinjarra Road, Pinjarra

Post: PO Box 21, Pinjarra, WA, 6208 


Step 3 - Make payment 

If you are submitting your application in person, please bring payment with you.

If you are submitting your application electronically, you will receive an invoice for payment once your application has been registered.

A one-off fee of $45.00 applies.

Why do I need a Rural Street Number?

Uniform address plates ensures every Rural and Special Rural property is easy to find, particularly important in an emergency.

Emergency Services, Police and other first responder services will only recognise the Shire supplied address plate as an official street address - lot numbers, or mailbox numbers are not recognised.

When should I apply for a Rural Street Number?

We encourage you to complete and lodge a Rural Street Number application at the same time as any building applications in order to avoid delays with the provision of services from Western Power and Telstra and to ensure properties are easy to locate for tradesmen.

When will my Rural Street Number be registered?

We recommend not using your new address until the Shire has installed the address plate at your property.

Once installed, you are responsible for advising all other relevant parties of your new address (i.e. insurance, personal).

How long will it take to get my address plate installed?

Allow up to four weeks from the initial payment or request until installation of the address plate.

How are Rural Street Numbers determined?

Rural Street Numbers are based on the distance of a property’s entrance from the start of a road with odd numbers on the left and even numbers on the right. For example, the number 1902 refers to a property on the right hand side of a road 19.02 km from the road’s beginning, number 325 refers to a property on the left hand side of a road 3.25 km from the road’s beginning.

What about my privacy?

Rural Street Numbers are only a number and as such will not compromise privacy, instead there will no longer be a need for names on gate posts. Landgate advises relevant authorities of new Rural Street Numbers.