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Have you found something that needs our attention? Report it!

We can help with many things likes broken footpaths, graffiti, fire hazards and more.

To report something, either complete one of the forms provided below or visit Snap Send Solve

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Air pollution

Air pollution from residential or small to medium business

Other air pollution

Current air quality

Abandoned vehicles

Report an abandoned vehicle

Barking dogs

Report barking

Cat nuisance

Report a cat nuisance 

Fire hazard

Report a fire hazard

Food complaint

Report a food complaint 


Report graffiti

Illegal parking

Report illegal parking

Litter and illegal dumping

Report litter

Noise complaint

Make a noise complaint

Off-road vehicles

Report off-road vehicles

Public buildings, infrastructure and equipment

Report an issue

Road, shared path or drainage

Report an issue

Shopping trolleys

Lost, stolen or abandoned shopping trolleys can be reported directly to the relevant collector services:

Coles and Kmart



1800 641 497

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