Strategies, Plans and Reports

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2022/23

Annual Report 2021/22

Annual Report 2020/21

Annual Report 2019/20

Annual Report 2018/19


Annual Budget 2023/2024

Annual Budget 2022/2023

Annual Budget 2021/2022

Annual Budget 2020/2021

Annual Budget 2019/2020

Significant Adverse Trends 2019/2020

Bushfire Risk Management Plan

Bushfire Risk Management Plan

Outlines the coordinated community approach in the effective management of bushfire risk and the protection of people, assets and items of value.

Boundary Map

Council Plan 2023 - 2033

Council Plan 2023 - 2033

Sets the Shire’s priorities for the next ten years, as informed through community consultation.

Customer Service Charter

Customer Service Charter

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2023-2028

DAIP Disability Access Inclusion Plan Easy English Version

Sets out how the Shire continues to build an inclusive and connected community.

Dwellingup Futures 

The Dwellingup Futures Road Map was endorsed by Council at their Ordinary Meeting on Thursday 28 October, 2021.

Dwellingup Futures Roadmap Summary

Dwellingup Futures Roadmap - Part 1

Dwellingup Futures Roadmap - Part 2

Economic Strategy

Economic Strategy

Outlines objectives for long-term economic growth and industry diversification.

Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Infrastructure Asset Management Plan

Infrastructure Asset Management Plan

See the allocation of resources to manage Shire facilities including buildings, footpaths, roads and waterways.

Local Biodiversity Strategy

Local Biodiversity Strategy

Local Biodiversity Strategy - Appendices

See how the Shire protects the wetlands, bushland and rivers in the Murray.

Local Heritage Survey

Local Heritage Survey March 2020

Find out all about the history of the area, as well as significant people and places.

Long Term Financial Plan

Long Term Financial Plan

This plan maps out future financial planning of the Shire and includes information on rate levels, services and infrastructure.

Public Health Plan

Public Health Plan

Find out the role the Shire plays in the health and wellbeing of residents.

Public Open Space Strategy

Public Open Space Strategy 2022

The management of parks, reserves and sporting spaces is covered in this strategy.

Schedule of Fees and Charges

2023-24 Fees and Charges

See listings of costs related to animal control, licences, town planning, sanitation and other services.

Waste Plan

Shire of Murray Waste Plan

Read about what the Shire does with waste and plans for waste reduction in the future.