Environmental Photo Monitoring

Thank you for your interest in the Shire of Murray’s estuary photo-monitoring project. By supporting the initiative you can help provide vital long-term data that will assist with monitoring the impacts of climate change and coastal erosion.

This long-term photo monitoring project has been developed by the Shire of Murray, in conjunction with the Peron Naturalise Partnership and Coastwest, for locations around Herron Point and the Murray River Delta.

Over recent years the Peel-Harvey Estuary has experienced significant impacts in terms of erosion, tidal wear and death of fringing vegetation, which is likely to increase with sea level rise and may affect key sites around the Shire. The monitoring program will help inform and develop plans for the protection and management of infrastructure, natural areas, heritage and private property.
The project encompasses six photo-monitoring sites, two of which are supported by water level gauges.

The information sourced will form part of a broader Shire project which includes six other sites where water level gauges are fixed close to existing Shire infrastructure. The Shire of Murray encourages public participation, as the more data gathered the better its understanding of coastal change impacts on the Peel-Harvey Estuary and the Murray Delta, unique locations within Western Australia.

Whilst all data sourced through this project will remain the property of the Shire of Murray, it will be publicly available.