Façade Refurbishment Subsidy Program

The Façade Refurbishment Subsidy Program supports landowners and local business owners with the revitalisation and activation of Pinjarra and Dwellingup town centres.

The program was developed to create active, vibrant, attractive and safe places for our community and visitors to enjoy. It also:

  • Assists in beautifying and activating town centres by improving streetscapes.
  • Encourages the activation and orientation of development-facing public places.
  • Enhances the physical quality and established character of the built environment through sensitive and innovative design of buildings and spaces.
  • Improves the experience of pedestrians to encourage more people to live, work, play and do business in the respective places.
  • Reinforces and builds upon the town centres as the major retail, social and cultural hubs of the respective places.
  • Supports landowners and local business owners to improve the visual presentation and public impression of their buildings and businesses.

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