The Shire of Murray improves streetscapes by planting and maintaining trees that provide shade, improve air quality and offer habitat and food for native animals.

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Each winter we provide and plant street trees on verges in our urban and suburban streets. This program does not include rural and special-rural areas, with other environmentally managed programs. 

We allocate particular species to individual streets. You can see these on our Street Tree Species List.

Residents are welcome to apply for a tree to be planted in the verge adjacent to their property. Applications received before 30 April are processed for the upcoming winter, tree supply permitting. Applications received after 30 April are processed for planting the following winter.

  • Generally, one tree is planted per verge however additional trees may be planted on large verges. 
  • Due to budget limitations, only a certain number of trees can be planted each year. Applications are processed in order of receipt.
  • Street tree planting is carried out in winter when there is rain, including planting, staking and fertilising.
  • You are responsible for watering your street tree/s through the summer months.
  • This program does not include rural and special-rural areas, with other environmentally managed programs. 

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Tree maintenance and removal

Professional tree pruning and tree maintenance is undertaken by staff or contractors who have arboriculture training. Where possible, the preference is to maintain trees in their natural form.

Trees are pruned:

  • To maintain and improve the condition of trees and ensure a healthy life span.
  • For safety reasons, such as power line management and fire breaks.
  • For pedestrian or traffic safety.

Trees will not be pruned for the following reasons:

  • Leaf, flower, nut, twig and generally naturally occurring debris.
  • Private amenity, such as to establish or enhance views.
  • To enable additional sunlight for solar panels or other reasons.

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Overhanging branches

If trees are overhanging a private property boundary from Shire-managed reserves, including parks, review the trees and refer to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau’s fact sheet - Overhanging Branches and Roots.

You can undertake required pruning where trees extend over property boundaries, however, works will need to be coordinated through an approved tree pruner to ensure the tree/s will not be adversely impacted.

A request for tree removal or pruning form must also be submitted and approved prior to work being carried out.

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Clearing native vegetation

The clearing of native vegetation may require planning approval. Clearing includes not just tree removal but lopping, topping and significant pruning, as well as reduction in bushland. 

There is a presumption against the clearing of native vegetation, including dead trees, except for approved firebreaks, roads, fences, and utility easements. Even if you think you are exempt or that trees are in a dangerous condition, it is recommended that you contact us for advice.