Shire of Murray is a proud Waterwise Council. Here you’ll find more about our water management activities and how you can get involved. 

Waterwise Council

Water Corporation, in partnership with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, supports and endorses Waterwise Councils in Western Australia through the Waterwise Council Program. This program aims to improve water efficiency and management which supports the State Government’s vision of resilient and sustainable communities.

The Shire of Murray was first recognised as a Waterwise Council in 2014 and have since received re-endorsement as a Gold Waterwise Council since 2020 with a Gold Waterwise Aquatic Centre. We aim to be recognised as a Platinum Waterwise Council by 2025. 

2022-2023 Shire of Murray water use

  • Corporate potable water use down 6.9 per cent.
  • Corporate potable water use decreased by 33.4 per cent.
  • Corporate non-potable water use decreased by 27.2 per cent.
  • Total Murray water use down 9.7 per cent, saving more than 3 million kilolitres of water.
  • Each person used 11.8 kilolitres less than the previous year.

Save water in your home

  • Keep showers short and sweet.
  • Fix your leaks.
  • Use a water saving dishwasher.
  • Wash clothes only when you have a full load.
  • Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth.
  • Install a rain water tank.
  • Consider installing or retrofitting a grey water system.

See how your water use compares to other households at Water Corporation

Save water in your garden

  • Stick to your watering days.
  • Set sprinklers to optimal run time.
  • Keep your pool or spa covered to reduce evaporation.
  • Protect your garden with mulch.
  • Use a wetting agent on your lawns.
  • Install a waterwise garden.

10 easy water saving tips for the home

Winter sprinkler switch-off

It’s mandatory that throughout winter (1 June - 31 August) residents in the Perth, Peel, South West and Great Southern regions turn off their scheme and bore water during the annual Winter Sprinkler Switch-off.

This water saving initiative has been implemented since 2010 and contributes to significant water savings that can be later used in the warmer months.

Using your sprinklers during the switch-off period can result in a $100 fine.