Bin and verge collections

General waste collections

To ensure collection, place your bins:

  • On the verge before 6am on collection day. 
  • With the lid closed and a weight of less than 70kg.
  • At least half a metre apart, within one metre of the road and wheels facing your property.
  • Away from cars, trees, power poles and other obstructions.

For all enquiries regarding missed, damaged, stolen, new, additional or replacement bins, please contact Cleanaway Call Centre on 9587 4644.

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View verge collection dates

Collection days

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
North Yunderup Coolup South Yunderup Pinjarra Townsite North Pinjarra
Furnissdale Point Grey and Birchmont Thomasfield Place West Pinjarra

South West Highway

(north of Pinjarra)

Pinjarra Road 

(from Serpentine River to Tonkin Drive)

West Coolup and Herron Point Curtis Lane Morrell Road
Ravenswood East Coolup   Moores Road Wades Road
Murray Bend Dwellingup

Pinjarra Road

(from South West Highway to Tonkin Drive)

North Dandalup
Barragup Meelon Pinjarra Industrial Area Yamba

Greenlands Road 

(from South West Highway)

Beacham Road Hines Road

Carrabungup Road

(continuing from Greenlands Road)


Paterson Road

(from SW Hwy to Old Mandurah Rd)

Stake Hill

Canterbury Downs


(off Lakes Road)

Old Sarum Estate

Lakes Road

Settlers Village

Paterson Road 

(north of Old Mandurah Road)

Corio Road

Del Park Road 

Old Mandurah Road


What can go in general waste

The following items belong in your general waste bin:

  • General household waste.
  • Frozen odorous waste – place in your bin the night before collection.
  • Lawn clippings – place in a bag to prevent jamming.

These items do not:

  • Oil or liquids
  • Hot ashes
  • Batteries
  • Soil
  • Chemicals
  • Bricks and concrete.

Recycling bin collections

View the recycling calendar

Recycling bin upgrades

You can upgrade to a 360L recycling bin for a one-off fee of $45. 

Request an upgrade online

Request an upgrade in person or via email

What can be recycled

The following items belong in your recycling bin:

  • Aluminium and steel cans – clean and empty.
  • Plastic bottles and containers – lids off, clean and empty.
  • Paper – excluding shredded paper.
  • Glass bottles and jars – lids off, clean and empty.
  • Cardboard – flattened.

Place items loose in the bin, not in plastic bags.

What cannot be recycled

These items are not to go in your recycling bin and will affect processing, safety and quality:

  • Strapping or clothing
  • Rope, cable and hose
  • Hazardous waste
  • Aerosols
  • Nappies
  • Batteries
  • Needles and syringes
  • Flexible plastics
  • Food
  • Food contaminated items
  • Shredded paper.

New, additional missed or replacement bins

For all enquiries regarding missed, damaged, stolen, new, additional or replacement bins, please contact Cleanaway. 

08 9587 4644

Verge collections

Each residential property that receives a weekly waste service gets one hard waste and two green waste collections each year.

View verge collection dates

Collection guidelines

  • Place waste on your verge before Monday 6am, but no earlier than seven days before the scheduled start date for your area.
  • Allow up to seven days for collection.
  • Don't obstruct the footpath, your bin service or the line of sight of pedestrians, cyclists and cars.
  • Don't place your waste next to structures or obstructions such as letter boxes, walls, power poles or sprinklers.
  • Only place waste on your verge – not on vacant property or public reserves.

Infringements may be issued for non-compliance with collection guidelines or if your waste is placed on your verge more than seven days prior to the scheduled start date for your area.

If you don’t have a verge, or your verge is too small, contact us.

Green waste

Place green waste in a neat pile on your verge, with the cut ends towards the street. Do not bundle or tie, or put in plastic bags or boxes.

Collection limit: no more than two 6x4 trailer loads or three cubic metres, including tree and shrub prunings up to 1.5m, with trunks up to 0.3m in diameter.

Excess waste will not be removed.

We don’t collect:

  • Lawn clippings
  • Loose leaves
  • Stumps
  • Palm logs
  • Weeds
  • Root material
  • General rubbish or whitegoods.

Hard waste 

Place hard waste in separate piles – mattresses, whitegoods/metal, e-waste and general junk – as these are all collected separately.

Collection limit: no more than two 6x4 trailer loads or three cubic metres. 

Excess waste will not be removed.

We can collect:

  • Whitegoods (with doors removed)
  • Scrap metal
  • Bed frames and mattresses
  • Furniture and other materials less than 1.5m long
  • TVs and e-waste.

We don’t collect:

  • Tyres, car bodies or parts
  • Building rubble
  • Glass
  • Hazardous waste, including asbestos and batteries.

Some of these items can be disposed of at our Waste Transfer Stations and will attract a fee.

Disposing other items

The following can be placed in collection bins at Murray Library, where they will be sent for recycling:

  • Dry cell household batteries
  • Ink cartridges
  • Light globes
  • Mobile phones and accessories.