Pinjarra Cemetery

Pinjarra Cemetery

The Shire of Murray has been managing the Pinjarra Cemetery since 1960.

Schedule of Fees and Charges. 

Site Plan and Registers

We maintain a:

  • Plan of the Cemetery showing the location and identifying number of every burial place or grave and the distribution of the land, compartments and sections
  • Register containing the identification numbers of graves and the names and description of the persons buried
  • Register of grants made with respect to the Cemetery
  • Register of persons cremated whose ashes have been buried or disposed of in the Cemetery.

Please submit a general enquiry to view site plans and/or registers.

Tributes on Memorials and Monumental Works

An authorised Officer removes withered flowers every Friday and faded and unsightly plastic or other artificial flowers and memorials on the last Friday of each calendar month.

No person shall place or affix wooden, metal, plastic or stone, vases, statues or photographs, pots, plants or other memorials within the Cemetery without the approval of our Cemetery Officer.

Our Cemetery Officer is available to discuss the standard sizes and types of plaques available, provide quotations and order the plaque for your loved ones plot.

All monumental works within the Pinjarra Public Cemetery must be pre-approved by the Shire and works be undertaken in accordance with the permit conditions. Specifications and an application for a monument permit can be obtained by emailing 

Burial Applications

Applications must be lodged with the Shire at least 24 working hours before a funeral.

This process should also be followed for second or later interment.

  1. Prepare supporting documents
  • Certificate of identification (or, if applicable, form from the funeral director in lieu)
  • Doctor’s certificate for burial or disposal of the dead body or coroner’s order for burial
  • If burial rights have been issued to a holder, evidence to show that the holder of the grant in respect of the grave in which the dead body or ashes is/are intended to be buried, has consented to or would not object to the burial
  1. Complete and submit the Burial Application form

Site Options

Single and double sites are available.

Cemetery sections include:

  • Garden Granite Niche Wall
  • Limestone Plinths
  • Garden Memorial Wall
  • Non Denominational
  • Lawn Cemetery

Burial Times

  • Tuesday to Friday 8:00am to 2:30pm
  • Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays (other than Christmas Day and Good Friday) 8:30am to 11:00am

Terms for Burial Rights

Grants of burial rights are issued for a term of 25 years.

Exclusive burial rights can be granted for up to five graves to any person.

Burial Right Grant Renewals

The term for burial rights may be renewed for an additional 25 years from the expiry of the initial term.

An application may be made at any time during the term of the grant. 

An application for further renewals must be made within six months before or after the expiry of the grant.

Replacement of Burial Rights Grant

A written request must be made by the holder of the grant and evidence proving that the grant was lost, stolen or destroyed i.e. a statutory declaration, must accompany the request.

The request must be made to the attention of the Cemetery Officer and can be submitted:

By email:

In person:

Shire of Murray Administration Office, 1915 Pinjarra Road, Pinjarra 6208 View Map

By post:

PO Box 21, Pinjarra WA 6208

Transfer of Burial Rights Grant

Please contact our Cemetery Officer:

9531 7777

Exercising the Rights of a Burial Rights Grant Holder

If the holder of a grant is unavailable or has passed without bequeathing the grant by will, a statutory declaration must be submitted by the person seeking authority to exercise the rights of the grant holder.

The declaration must show that this person has the right to exercise the rights and knows of no other person having a prior or equal right or in the case of a Funeral Director, that has the permission of the holder or other person entitled to the grave.

Interment of Ashes

For interment arrangements and plaques, please make an appointment with our Cemetery Officer:

9531 7777

Interment Options

  • Niche Wall
  • Garden Memorial Wall
  • Limestone Plinth
  • A grave
  • Special monuments
  • Scattered into the winds

Sites can be chosen by the family or a Cemetery Officer can nominate a site.

Ashes can be collected from the funeral home and kept on premises prior to interment.


Our Cemetery Officer is available to discuss the standard sizes and types of plaques available, provide quotations and order the plaque.

Please contact our Cemetery Officer:

9531 7777

Funeral Directors Licence Application

A person can direct a funeral within the cemetery if they hold a Single Funeral Permit or a Funeral Directors License or are an employee of a Funeral Director who holds a Funeral Directors License.

Complete the application form 


Lot 8 South Western Highway, Pinjarra WA 6208 View map