Plan for the Future

Our vision for Murray: an outstanding place for community, lifestyle and opportunity.

The Shire of Murray Council Plan 2023 – 2033, sets the Shire’s priorities for the next ten years.

Informed by significant community consultation, the Council Plan represents community priorities and aligns our actions to them. 

It includes five strategic focus areas - people, planet, place, prosperity and performance – with a particular focus on health, economic development, tourism development and environmental sustainability.

Inclusive of 185 specific actions across multiple themes, the plan outlines the deliberate steps we will take to drive outcomes and achieve the vision. 

We look forward to working alongside the community to bring the Plan to fruition. 

Council Plan

Community Aspirations

The Council Plan includes five performance areas - people, planet, place, prosperity and performance.

For each area, there is an overarching aspirational statement and desired outcomes, summarised below. 


Aspiration: Our community enjoys excellent health, wellbeing and quality of life. 

People projects


Aspiration: Our natural environment is cared for and appreciated.

Planet projects


Aspiration: Our rural charm is preserved while we grow by embracing innovative urban design ideas.

Place projects


Aspiration: Our economy is thriving with diverse business, tourism and job opportunities. 

Prosperity projects


Aspiration: Our can-do attitude helps us to achieve desired outcomes and continuously strive for excellence. 

Performance projects