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What is CHRMAP?

The Shire of Murray considers the management of the estuarine and riverine areas and foreshore reserves throughout the region, and the mitigation of the coastal hazard risk posed to the community, as integral to the Shire’s ongoing and future success.

Erosion and inundation are an increasing risk for the Shire of Murray, and to best protect our community we have developed a Coastal Hazard Risk Management Adaptation Plan (CHRMAP) to guide how we manage that risk.

Our community have been involved with this work at every stage in the process helping us develop a plan that is practical, easily understood and based on the latest science.

Looking after our waterways is crucial for our community. Consequently, responding to the likely challenges of a changing climate and probable sea-level rise is a priority for the Shire of Murray. Our aim throughout this process has been to provide our community with the maximum benefits of our unique natural environment for generations to come.

There are two focus areas in this work: public land and infrastructure, and private property.

For public areas, we aim to provide outcomes where environmental, lifestyle, access and economic services will still thrive in an era when sea-level rises and their impacts are likely.

For private property coastal risks will need to be considered in future planning decisions. This will ensure that growth areas are located and designed to minimise vulnerability to coastal risks. For established areas the CHRMAP includes a series of short-term actions and longer-term pathways designed to improve the resilience of these areas.

We will continue to work with landholders to ensure that they can continue to enjoy and use their properties in the face of the threat of climate change for as long as possible.

Through this collaborative, objective and comprehensive study, with a deeper understanding of our coastal areas, the intent of the draft CHRMAP is to provide the basis for a long-term strategy to support future coastal management and planning decisions.

Area covered by the CHRMAP:


This map shows the areas indicated to be potentially at risk from future erosion and inundation. It is important to note that this is mostly in the form of nuisance flooding and also based on the assumption that no action occurs to mitigate these impacts.

More detailed vulnerability mapping on the specific risk and associated timelines can be downloaded from the documents section in the sidebar.

The majority of development within this area would require development approval under the proposed Special Control Area (SCA) to ensure that coastal hazards are adequately considered; the details of how the Shire proposes to consider these applications can be found in the draft Local Planning Policy. 

Key Documents:

Summary Guidance Document:  This report is a summary document to assist in understanding the CHRMAP:

Draft CHRMAP: This is a copy of the full draft CHRMAP, without the appendices. 

Draft SCA and Draft Local Planning Policy: Mapping and proposed wording.

Submission Form: Fillable submission form.

Other associated documentation from the CHRMAP process and all appendices can be downloaded directly from the documents section in the sidebar.

Further Reading:

For information on the recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and other relevant reports you can visit the Australian Climate Council and the IPCC website.