Shire of Murray Council adopts 2023/24 budget

Published on Thursday, 10 August 2023 at 9:29:37 AM

The Shire of Murray Council has adopted its 2023/24 budget; investing to deliver the Council Plan and community vision where Murray is an outstanding place for community, lifestyle and opportunity.

Through the $46.9 million budget, the Shire will deliver a range of services and projects that align to community aspirations under five strategic pillars – people, planet, place, prosperity and performance – with a particular focus on health, economic development, tourism development and environmental sustainability.

Shire President, Councillor David Bolt, said the budget will allow the Shire to deliver essential ratepayer services, while also maintaining facilities and investing in the future.

“We will be investing $14,720,462 in sport and recreation through the Murray Aquatic and Leisure Centre, Murray Library, green spaces and community facilities such as a cricket and hockey pavilion, playgrounds and youth skate/BMX parks,” said Councillor Bolt.

“There will be a $3,107,350 investment in health, welfare and community safety, $21,278,999 in roads, footpaths, bridges and drainage, and $5,783,944 in waste management and community amenities.

“We have also committed $12,032,382 in economic development and tourism activities such as the Dwellingup Trails and Visitor Centre, the Food Innovation Precinct WA, promotion of tourism destinations and economic stimulation projects. Plus, there’s a $1,611,286 investment in public art, festivals and events, and maintenance of built and natural heritage.

“The budget will also progress a number of major projects. We will recreate a regional icon with the redevelopment of the Exchange Hotel, invest in new boating facilities at Wharf Cove, open a new community centre in Ravenswood, and install new, modern lighting at Sir Ross McLarty Oval.”

As part of the budget, Council has adopted an overall rate increase of 4.5 percent. This is an increase of $55 to the minimum payment or an approximate $68 increase for the average residential ratepayer.

Rates only account for 43 per cent of the Shire’s revenue, with the gap being funded predominantly through grants and contributions, and other fees and charges.

“Seeking funding through other sources eases pressure on rates, without compromising on the Shire’s needs,” added Councillor Bolt.

“Community expectations are always at the forefront of Council decisions. With a budget that is aligned closely to our Council Plan, we have great confidence we are investing appropriately in community aspirations.”

Budget highlights

  • $46,912,186 total revenue budget
  • 57% of revenue collected in ways other than rates
  • 4.5% overall rate increase leads to an additional $68 a year for the average residential ratepayer


  • Rates: $20,399,479 (43%)
  • Fees and charges: $6,840,991 (15%)
  • Capital grants and contributions: $14,105,294 (30%)
  • Operating grants and contributions: $4,111,732 (9%)
  • Interest earnings: $807,749 (2%)
  • Other revenue: $646,941 (1%)


  • $14,720,462 in sport and recreation
  • $12,032,382 in economic development and tourism
  • $21,278,999 in roads, footpaths, bridges and drainage
  • $1,611,286 in heritage, culture and events
  • $3,053,235 in town planning and environmental protection
  • $3,107,350 in health, welfare and community safety
  • $5,783,944 in waste management and community amenities

Major projects

  • The Exchange Hotel: $7,582,582 to recreate a regional icon and destination hospitality venue
  • Wharf Cove boating facilities: $671,338 investment in four new floating finger jetties
  • North Pinjarra path: $590,163 upgrade and widening of a 3km footpath
  • Corio Road Transfer Station: $1,500,000 investment to reduce waste transport costs
  • St John’s Church: $335,000 investment in public ablution facilities
  • Munday Avenue: $2,424,422 investment to improve access to the industrial area for heavy vehicles
  • Readheads Road: $1,353,244 investment to improve conditions at a road safety blackspot
  • Murray River Drive: $827,033 investment to improve conditions at a road safety blackspot
  • Sir Ross McLarty Oval: $200,000 investment for modern LED lighting
  • Lovegrove Sports Pavilion: $2,835,412 to complete shared facilities that will be home to cricket and hockey clubs
  • Ravenswood Community Centre: $573,283 investment to finalise and open the facility
  • CCTV network: $75,000 investment to expand security network for community safety



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