Responsible dog ownership

Published on Friday, 1 September 2023 at 9:58:00 AM

The Shire of Murray is urging pet owners to practice responsible ownership after a spate of dog attacks on people, animals and livestock both in the Shire of Murray and Shire of Waroona.

Shire of Murray Chief Executive Officer, Dean Unsworth said it is important to remind everyone of their responsibilities to reduce incidents.

“While we all adore our canine companions, it is extremely important that dog owners practice responsible dog ownership to ensure the safety of the community,” said Mr Unsworth.

“Dog owners have a responsibility to their pets and fellow community members to ensure their dogs are registered and microchipped. When in a public place, dogs should wear collars with their registration tags securely attached.”

Owners must ensure that their dog is kept under the control of a person who is capable of managing the size and type of dog at all times.
When in an approved designated exercise (off-leash) area, a dog should be accompanied by a person capable of controlling the dog, who is liable for the control of the dog, is carrying a lead and is capable of attaching the lead to the dog and must be placed on a lead if approaching people and other animals. This avoids issues of a dog rushing at or harassing a person or animal.

An owner’s responsibility is further extended to ensuring that their pets are securely and comfortably confined within the premises where the animals are kept, and never allow the dog to wander unsupervised. An owner can be requested by the Shire to remove their dog if there are continual problems with fencing and confinements.

There are significant penalties for dog attacks and for allowing dogs to wander in a public place, including infringements, and a criminal record with the potential for imprisonment.

Further information for keeping and caring for your dog can be found on the Shire of Murray and Shire of Waroona websites.

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