Health report shines light on Murray’s needs

Published on Wednesday, 15 November 2023 at 10:39:44 AM

The latest Shire of Murray Health and Wellbeing Profile has again confirmed the need to identify a long-term solution to health care service provision in the area.

Shire of Murray CEO, Dean Unsworth, explained the Shire of Murray has established a multi-agency steering committee to find an appriorate way forward.

“The Murray Health Futures Steering Committee, comprising representatives from the Shire, South Metropolitan Health Service, WA Primary Health Alliance and Peel Development Commission, recently called for community input into the most significant analysis of the area’s health and social needs the Shire has ever undertaken,” said Mr Unsworth.

“More than 200 people have actively participated in the assessment, and the Committee is now reviewing the findings of this input. From here we will develop a business case for government consideration that will address community needs.”

According to the Health and Wellbeing Profile, which was undertaken by South Metropolitan Health Service, 37 per cent of Murray residents have a long-term health issue, compared to 30 per cent in Greater Perth.

Additionally, 51.8 per cent of adults live with obesity (vs 34.5 per cent in WA), 28 per cent have high blood pressure (vs 22 per cent in WA) and 14.8 per cent have high or very high psychological distress (vs 10.5 per cent in WA).

This information will inform the Committee’s formal health and social needs assessments. The findings of which are expected to be released in the coming month.

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