GP opens in Dwellingup

Published on Tuesday, 21 May 2024 at 3:13:21 PM

For the first time in decades, a GP service has opened in Dwellingup.

The Dwellingup Health Hub, located in the Dwellingup Community Village will service people in the village as well as Dwellingup more broadly. 

The opening of the Dwellingup Health Hub represents a significant improvement for the town. For the first time in decades, local residents will have access to a doctor without the need to travel long distances outside their local area.

Shire President David Bolt explained that research shows that there is a growing and concerning health gap in Murray.

"With the population expected to rise at a rapid rate, this gap will only worsen if nothing is done to address the issue," said Mr Bolt. 

Statistics show, people living in Murray have more long-term health conditions – such as arthritis, heart disease and lung conditions – when compared to Greater Perth. Sadly, 37 per cent of Murray residents have a long-term health condition, compared to 30 per cent in Greater Perth.

"The Murray community has told us that timely and accessible heath services is a major concern for them. Therefore, we are leading a project to identify the required strategies and infrastructure needed to ensure future generations can access the care they need, when and where they need it," he added. 

"Part of this work is to support immediate outcomes, such as the Dwellingup Health Hub, while seeking a long-term community-based care model that will result in significantly more services in Murray."

"Specifically, we are exploring how a new health facility in Murray could provide a central location for health practitioners to offer a wide-range of services. Part of this process is to explore a potential location and costs. We expect to have the answers to these questions by July, at which time we will be lobbying to government for funds."

While the advocacy process can take some time, seeing outcomes such as the Dwellingup Health Hub come to fruition is a positive step in the right direction and very welcomed.

Learn more about the Shire's advocacy activities. 

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