St John's Church

st Johns Church

Built in 1860, St John’s Church is one of the oldest existing church buildings in Western Australia, and an early example of a small rural church designed in a rustic British architectural style.

The building boasts beautiful architectural elements such as leadlight windows and archways, as well as rich wooden features including floor coverings, doors and pews.

Secure this iconic building to add a touch of difference to your event.

Venue information:

  • Hosts a maximum of 80 guests
  • 20 pews (non-removable) - comfortably seating four adults per pew
  • Toilets are located 130 metres off-site at the Edenvale Tea Rooms
  • Electric organ, baptismal font, wooden altar and pulpit available for use (also non-removable)

Location: Corner George and Henry Street, Pinjarra 6208  View Map

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Special Event Criteria

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