Wharf Cove boating facilities

Project type

Economic development and tourism

Completion date

May 2024

Investment $1.25m

Four new self-floating finger jetties provide improved functionality and access to waterways in this area near Sandy Cove Park, with four more jetties to be installed.

Carried out in two stages, these upgrades help to accommodate a range of large, mid-size and smaller power boats with improved accessibility for all kinds of boaters. The previous jetties were replaced due to wear and age, with the locally made self-floating jetties more adaptable to tides and weather events.

Upgrades to the footpath along the jetty will further renew the promenade, making it a more user-friendly area with restaurants, a tavern and playground.

Funded by

Department of Transport (Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme)
Shire of Murray

Contact Details

Name: Infrastructure Services

Phone: 9531 7777

Email: mailbag@murray.wa.gov.au