Council Meetings

The Shire of Murray holds a variety of meetings, most of which are open to the public. Find out about attending a meeting, or view agendas and minutes here. 

Public Questions

Questions from the public are part of every council meeting agenda. They will be either questions with notice, or questions without notice.

Questions with notice: If you provide notice of the question(s) you’ll ask, officers will try to provide a response to you at the meeting.

Questions without notice: On the spot questions can still be asked but if more research is needed by officers, your question will be taken on notice and a written response sent to you. A copy of the question and answer will be included in the agenda of the next council meeting.

Questions for meetings held via teleconference are taken on notice and a written response provided after the meeting, once the necessary research has been carried out. Questions for these meetings must be submitted up to one hour beforehand.

If you wish to pose your question directly at the Council Meeting, please:

  • Start by stating your name and address
  • Keep questions short – you have three minutes to speak
  • This is not the time for debate or discussion
  • Copies of questions, including your name and address, may be made public and recorded in the minutes unless otherwise requested
  • We are subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1992 and as such, public questions may be subject to applications for access under the Act.

If you cannot attend the meeting let us know and a response will be sent to you.

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Community members are welcome to address agenda items at Council meetings. These presentations made by community are called deputations.

Council must approve deputation requests first, and these need to be received at least two business days before the meeting.

Requirements when making a deputation

  • Up to five people can attend a meeting to present a deputation, however, only two may address the council during the presentation. The other three may respond to specific questions from Councillors.
  • A deputation is limited to 10 minutes, including question time and discussion, and must relate to an agenda item listed for consideration at the meeting you wish to address.
  • Only one subject per application form. If you want to make a deputation on more than one agenda item at any meeting, it’s a good idea to contact us for advice.
  • If you have printed material to support your deputation, please bring 14 copies with you to the meeting. These will be given to the Councillors to read.
  • You must clearly state on your application form if you’ll be using a PowerPoint presentation as part of your deputation. PowerPoint presentations are not allowed without the prior consent of the Shire CEO.

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Meeting Procedures

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