The Wine Tree

The Wine Tree was first established in 2003, making wines and ciders. The orchard has been in operation since the early 90’s. The Wine Tree are committed to providing you with an authentic experience.

Providing you with a unique experience, choosing to manufacture products that are not widely available at your typical winery.

Some people misunderstand why grapes are used to make “normal” wine – it’s not necessarily due to grapes creating a superior product, rather that grapes were historically the only fruit with enough sugar to generate the desired alcohol concentration. Of course, these days we have ready access to sugar, so we can make wine out of almost anything that as the properties and flavour we want . We guarantee you’ll be amazed with the wines we produce and that you’ll leave with the joy of having experienced something new.


46 Holyoake Rd, Dwellingup WA 6213

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