Sir Ross McLarty Sports Precinct

Sir Ross McLarty Sports Precinct

Local sports precinct featuring three ovals commonly used for cricket and football with designated off-leash dog exercise area.

  • Dogs are not allowed on the active playing surface(s)
  • Dogs are permitted, but only on a leash, immediately surrounding the active playing surface(s) during any organised sporting event and associated training
  • Dogs are not allowed within 10 metres of the skate park

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Do You Need to Submit a Special Event Application?

If any of the following apply to your event, you need to submit a Special Event Application:

Special Event Criteria

  • Is your event being held on Shire land or in a Shire owned facility? If a private event by invitation only, submit an online venue booking, not a Special Event Application.
  • Is your event open to the public?
  • Do you expect an attendance of over 100 people? Invitation only parties exempt i.e. birthdays on private land.
  • Will you have food available for purchase?
  • Will you have large amusements at your event? Bouncing castles on private land exempt.
  • Will you have animals at your event? i.e. Petting zoo.
  • Will there be camping at your event?
  • Will there be amplified music at your event?
  • Will there be generators at your event?
  • Will there be alcohol at your event - sale and/or BYO?

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