Roads and Drains

State Owned Main Roads

Please contact Main Roads Western Australia for traffic enquiries regarding the following roads:

  • Pinjarra Road
  • South Western Highway (includes George Street and McLarty Road)
  • Pinjarra-Williams Road (includes McLarty Road)

Local Roads

Traffic enquiries regarding all other roads within the Shire should be addressed to the Shire of Murray.

Traffic Signals/Signalised Pedestrian Crossing

Enquiries regarding all traffic signals and signalised pedestrian crossings should be referred to Main Roads Western Australia.

Regulatory Road signs

Regulatory signage, which incorporates stop, giveway, no u-turn, no left turn, no right turn and speed signs are the responsibility of Main Roads Western Australia.

Enquiries regarding regulatory signage within the Shire should be referred to Main Roads Western Australia.


The Shire of Murray provides and maintains all stormwater drainage infrastructures within the Shire. This includes the construction of opened drains and piped drainage systems which transport the water to sumps, bubble-up structures and swales.

The Shire carries out regular maintenance including clearing blocked drains, improving and replacing old drainage infrastructure.

Please report any drainage maintenance or flooding enquiries to the Shire’s Customer Services team.


The section of your driveway between your property boundary and the Shire’s road is known as the crossover. It is the landowner’s responsibility to construct and maintain the crossover. Council will pay a subsidy of $250 towards the cost of one standard residential crossover per property upon application, provided such application meets the specifications.

Application for a subsidy payment must be made on the Crossover Subsidy form within 6 months of the date it was constructed and is to be accompanied by proof of payment (invoice or delivery docket).


Street Lighting

The Majority of the Shire’s street lighting is owned and maintained by Western Power. The Shire of Murray owns and maintains lighting throughout the Shire in relation to:

  • Parks, reserves and ovals.
  • Boardwalks.
  • Shire buildings.
  • Public ablution facilities.
  • Street lighting owned by the Shire (portions of Murray River Country Estate.)

Reporting Street Lighting Faults

Western Power Light Poles
Western Power Website
Phone (general): 13 13 51
Phone (general): 1800 622 008

Murray River Country Estate
Some light poles within the Murray River Country Estate are the responsibility of the Shire of Murray. Please contact the Shire on 08 9531 7777.


The verge is the area of land that lies between the road edge and the property boundary set aside for public utilities, including gas and water, paths and street trees.

The street verge is part of the road reserve and is land that is not owned by any one person or organisation. The Shire is responsible for controlling the development of street verges, the provision and maintenance of street trees and verge maintenance adjacent to the Shire’s parks and reserves.

Verge Maintenance

The Shire of Murray relies on each person to maintain the verge at the front or side of their property. Verge maintenance by the Shire is limited to pruning and maintenance of street trees and the slashing of grass once a year, on request, to prevent fire hazards. Any further improvement work is the responsibility of the property owner to enhance aesthetics of the property.

It is not possible for the Shire to control weed growth by mechanical means, so where weed growth becomes a problem along footpaths and kerbs, the area is sprayed. The chemical glysophate is used (retailing as ‘Zero’); a non-residual that kills the weed by absorption through the leaves and transferring to the root system.

Every endeavour is made not to spray well maintained verges, however sometimes this occurs inadvertently. If you prefer, your well maintained verge can be added to a list of properties which are not to be sprayed.

Verge Treatment Guidelines

The Shire of Murray recognises that road reserves form a significant proportion of public open space available to residents for improving their street scape and property value. Please refer to the verge treatment guidelines and street tree applications download below.