Dog Attacks

Dog attacks must be reported to Ranger Services:

08 9531 7777

Dog attacks should be reported as soon as possible so that our Rangers can investigate and take the appropriate action.

You can assist investigations by providing as much detail about the attack as possible, including:

  • Time, date and location of the incident
  • Who was involved and description of the dog/s involved
  • Detailed account of what happened
  • Details of injuries including photographic evidence, if applicable
  • Copies of vet bills, if applicable
  • Copies of medical bills, if applicable
  • Witness details

The owner or person responsible for a dog involved in an attack could be liable for fines up to $10,000, plus costs.

Following a report, our Rangers will:

  • Ensure the attacking dog is no longer a threat to the community
  • Contact victims and witnesses to gather evidence
  • Mediate an outcome for affected parties

Court action may be taken depending on the circumstances of the attack, including severity of injuries, quality of evidence and history of the attacking animal.

What Constitutes a Dog Attack?

  • Aggressively rushing at or harassing any person or animal
  • Biting or otherwise causing physical injury to a person or animal
  • Tearing clothing on, or otherwise causing damage to the property of, a person
  • Attempting to attack, or behaving in such a manner toward a person that would cause a reasonable person to fear injury