Paying Your Rates, Payment Options

Option 1 - Up Front Payment

Up front payment of the total amount. Payment is due within 35 days of the rate notice being issued. There are no additional costs for this option.

Ratepayers selecting this option will automatically be eligible for the rates prize draw.

Option 2 - Instalments

Rates paid over four instalments. The first instalment is payable 35 days after the rate notice being issued and includes payment of any arrears plus one quarter of the current rates and services charges. The balance will be payable in three equal instalments at two monthly intervals as detailed on the notice. Please note this option incurs both an interest and administration charge which is outlined on the rates notice.

Late payment interest is charged on all payments outstanding after their due date.


Rates Smoothing Payment Plan

Rates paid in advance through weekly fortnightly or monthly payments. Payments are calculated using the current year’s rates charge plus 5% and will be amended once the new rates are raised. These Payments are calculated equally from April to March of the following year. To choose this option all outstanding rates must be paid in full before commencement.


Special Payment Arrangement

If ratepayers are unable to pay their rate instalments due to financial hardship, they can apply to the Shire for a special payment arrangement.

An administration charge per arrangement will apply and late payment penalty interest will accrue daily on the balance of the overdue account until it is fully paid.


How to Pay




Using Biller ID 342659 and your reference number


1300 276 468

Rates Smoothing

Contact the Rates department on (08) 9531 7608 to obtain a Direct Debit Request form


Mail cheque, money order or completed Credit Card Authority form to Shire of Murray, PO Box 21, Pinjarra WA 6208

In Person

Drop into the Shire of Murray Administration Office, 1915 Pinjarra Road, Pinjarra


Please refer to your rates notice for the Biller Codes and Reference Numbers required to make your payment.

Alternate Methods for Receiving Rate and Instalment Notices




Register in your online banking portal using your reference number

How Your Rates are Calculated

The Shire of Murray rates properties according to the land use by applying a varying rate in the dollar to each land use type.

All land except land that is exempt is rated according to GRV or UV. A GRV is used for land within townsites and other land as approved by the Minister for Local Government where the land is used for predominantly non-rural purposes. The UV is used for the remaining land within the Shire, this is land that is predominantly used for rural purposes.

Rates Calculation:

Property valuation x Rate in the dollar

  • Property valuation – determined by the Valuer General
  • Rate in dollar – adopted by Council
  • Rates are subject to a minimum payment also adopted annually by the Council.

Valuation Type

Minimum Rate

Rate in $

Gross Rental Value – General



Gross Rental Value – Commercial



Gross Rental Value – Lesser Minimum



Unimproved Value – General



Council determines rates on the basis of raising the revenue required to meet the deficiency between the total estimated expenditure proposed in the budget and the estimated revenue to be received from all sources other than rates.

Differential rates ensures an affordable rating level for all ratepayers while enabling the delivery of the objectives of the Shire of Murray’s 2030 Strategic Community Plan and the 2019-2023 Corporate Business Plan.

Differential rates aim to help our existing businesses grow, encourage new start-ups and attract other businesses and service providers into Murray. The aim is to widen our economic base and create more local jobs.

Emergency Services Levy (ESL)

Local governments are required to collect the State Government’s Emergency services Levy (ESL) which funds the services provided by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES, formerly FESA). This levy is detailed separately on your rates notice. Enquiries regarding the ESL may be directed to DFES on 1300 136 099 or by visiting the DFES website at http://www.dfes.wa.gov.au.

Pensioner Rebates

If you have a Pensioner Concession, State Concession, WA Senior or both a WA Senior and Commonwealth Senior Health Card you may be eligible for a concession on your local government rates charges, water service charges and emergency services levy.

Am I eligible for a concession?

To receive a concession you must:

  • Hold one or more of the appropriate Pensioner or Seniors Cards as detailed below,
  • Be the owner or co-owner of the property or have a right to reside at the property under the terms of a will as at 1 July; and
  • Occupy the property as your ‘ordinary place of residence’

Seniors Card (SC) ONLY

You are entitled to receive up to a 25% rebate (to a capped amount) on your Annual Rates and Emergency Services Levey (ESL) the rebate will be limited to a maximum amount and the deferment option will NOT be available.

Seniors Card (SC) and Commonwealth Seniors Card (CSHC)

You are entitled to receive up to 50% rebate (to a capped amount) on your Rates and Emergency Services Levy (ESL) and you may be entitled to defer your Annual Rates and Emergency Services Levy (ESL).

Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) or State Concession Card (SCC)

You are entitled to receive up to 50% rebate (to a capped amount) on your rates and Emergency Services Levy (ESL) and you may be entitled to defer your Annual Rates and Emergency Services Levy (ESL).

Pro-Rata Provisions

If you become eligible to hold a Seniors Card, Pensioner Concession, or a Seniors Card together with a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card during the year, you may be eligible for a pro-rata rates rebate for the current financial year from the date you register with your Local Government, if you lived at the property as of 1 July.

What do I do if my circumstances change?

You must immediately advise your local government if your circumstances change at any time.

Notification is required if:

  • You are issued with a new card or your card is cancelled or expired;
  • Your original application details will or have changed;
  • You sell or transfer an interest in all, or part, of your property or move to another address;
  • As a senior (card issued by Office of Seniors Interests) become an eligible pensioner or the holder of a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card;
  • You or your spouse cease occupation of the property

How do I apply for a concession?

To apply for a rebate, submit a completed application form together with a photocopy of your relevant cards to the Shire of Murray or complete an online application with the Water Corporation at https://www.watercorporation.com.au/my-account/i-want-to/apply-for-a-concession or by phone on 1300 659 951.

Your application will be effective from the day that the Shire of Murray or Water Corporation first receives a completed registration form. The Shire of Murray and the Water Corporation advise each other so you will only need to apply to one of us.

More information about the Pensioners and Seniors Rebate Scheme can be found on the Department of Finance website:


The Office of State Revenue has announced changes to the Senior/Pensioner caps for the 2017/18 finanical year. Details can be found here.

Objections and Appeals

Rate Record

The Local Government Act 1995 provides individual objections and appeals on the grounds regarding ownership, or whether the property is rateable. Objections must be lodged in writing to the Shire’s Chief Executive Officer within 42 days of the rate notices’ issue date.


The Valuation of Land Act 1978 describes the manner in which objections and appeals may be instituted regarding valuations. Objections must be lodged in writing to the Valuer General, PO Box 2222 Midland, WA 6936 within 60 days of the rate notices’ issue date.

Interim Rates

Some ratepayers may receive amended rate accounts during the year when the Valuer General considers the value of a property has changed. There are many reasons for issuing an interim rate account, the most frequent being:

  • A new property
  • Improvements to the property
  • Demolition of the improvements
  • Additions to existing improvements
  • Requests for rubbish bins
  • Subdivision and Amalgamation

The Shire issues an annual account for each property following the adoption of its Budget. The account is based on information held at 1 July and rates levied are for the period 1 July to 30 June the following year. After the original date of issue, if there are any changes which affect the account payable, an interim account is required to be issued.

When the valuation information has been received by the Shire it is necessary to update this information on your rates account and process any changes to the rates and charges payable for the current year and in some cases, for previous years.

The interim account may involve an increase or decrease in the amount payable depending on the change in valuation. Interim accounts are due and payable within 35 days of the date of issue, in some circumstances instalment options will be available however this depends on the date the interim account is issued.

Changes to Ownership or Postal Details

Under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1995, when a person, whether as principal or agent, sells or otherwise disposes of land the owner/agent must advise Council in writing within 21 days of the change in ownership giving full details of the purchaser.

Declared Pest Rate

The Declared Pest Rate on Shire of Murray properties is imposed by the Office of State Revenue on behalf of the Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group.

The Rate is not managed by Council or related to council rates.

The Rate is imposed on Shire of Murray proprieties, at no more than $30/annum/property over one hectare in area.

The imposition of the rate is reviewed annually by Council to ensure the funds are delivering appropriate management of ‘Control Category 3’ and no ‘status pests’ within Murray.

Through educational programmes and the provision of resources and access to expertise for landowners, the imposition of the rate achieves:

  • A holistic regional approach to pest management
  • Protects the Shire’s biodiversity
  • Mitigates losses to agricultural activity
  • Reduces the impact of pests on the local amenity

For further information, please visit: https://www.agric.wa.gov.au/bam/declared-pest-rates-frequently-asked-questions

For further information regarding rates and pensioner concessions, please contact the Shire’s Rates Department on (08) 9531 7777.

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