Off-Road Vehicles

Off road vehicle use has been an ongoing issue for the Shire, risking public safety and creating a nuisance for the community.  Off road vehicles can also have a significant negative impact on the environment.

On 21 December 2010 the Control of Vehicles (Off Road Areas) Act 1978 was enacted in the Shire of Murray, and it is now an offence to drive or ride an off-road vehicle within the locality, unless on private land with the owner’s consent.

Report an Offender

If you witness or know of a person operating an off road vehicle illegally please call:

Police – 13 14 44

Shire of Murray Ranger Services – 9531 7777.

The more information you are able to provide, the more likely we are able to identify and deal with the offender.

Information that would assist includes:

  • Make and Model;
  • Primary Colour and Secondary Colour;
  • Any other Distinguishing Marks (eg stickers, number on bike, seat colour);
  • Operator Description: Name and address (if known) and;
  • General description, shirt and trouser colour, boot/shoe colour and helmet colour.

Driving or using any vehicle on a reserve, even if registered is an offence, unless the vehicle is used in an area set aside for vehicles.  Off road vehicles can be impounded and infringements can be issued for offences.

Off Road Vehicle Areas

The following areas are Gazetted Off Road Vehicle Areas within or near the Perth metropolitan area ranging from 2Ha to 400Ha.

Area Size Vehicle Types Allowed
Lancelin 400Ha Motorcycles, ATVs, Buggies and 4wd.
Ledge Point 12.5Ha Motorcycles and ATVs.
Pinjar 320Ha Motorcycles and ATVs.
Gnangara 265Ha Motorcycles and ATVs.
Medina 20Ha Motorcycles and ATVs.
York 2Ha Motorcycles and ATVs.


Please note:  Off Road Vehicle infringements must be paid in full and by the due date.  Otherwise the matter will be referred to the Fines Enforcement Registry and additional costs will apply.

If you need more time to pay or wish to dispute the infringement please send an email to or write a letter to us addressed to PO Box 21, Pinjarra WA 6208.

If you wish to dispute an infringement, please write to us before the due date at:

Chief Executive Officer
Shire of Murray
PO Box 21
Pinjarra WA 6208

Request Further Information