Cat Information

Cat Registrations

All cats over the age of six months must be individually registered, sterilised and microchipped with the Shire.  Proof of sterilisation and microchipping must be provided whilst registering the cat unless an exemption has been granted by a veterinarian.  During registration, you will be issued with a registration tag that will hold information specific to your cat.  This tag will need to be placed on the cat’s collar and will allow Ranger Services to re-unite you with your cat quickly should it wander or become lost.

It is a common misconception cats that have been given a microchip are also registered with the council.  This is untrue.  Microchips issued at the vets are completely separate to the registration tags issued by the council.

Cat registrations are valid for either one year, three years or lifetime.  Concession cards, sterilisation and microchip paper work must be produced when registering the cat.  A 50% concession rate applies to pensioners.

A cat registration is interchangeable across the State.  Should you move within the State, the cat does not need to be re-registered, however the change of address must be provided to the Council where the cat was previously registered and current registration paperwork must be produced when transferring the cat to a new Council.  The Shire of Murray can transfer your registration from a previous locality for a small fee.

To complete a registration, download the application below. Registration fees are determined under the Cat Regulations 2012.  Cats can only be registered by a person over the age of 18 years and registrations need to be completed in person.

    Breeding Cats

    The legislation requires that a person who chooses to breed cats must apply to their local government for a permit.  When a cat is sold, the seller must ensure the cat is microchipped and sterilised prior to transfer.  If the cat cannot be sterilised due to its young age, a voucher must be issued to the new owner.  Only approved breeders will be exempt from sterilisation.

    Cat Nuisance

    The Shire’s Rangers will hire out cat traps to residents that have nuisance cats in their area for a maximum of seven days.  Residents will be able to hire a trap from the Shire of Murray Administration Office during office hours for a cash bond deposit of $100 that is refundable when the cat trap is returned undamaged.

    Rangers will collect the cat/s from the resident’s property by appointment only and will transport them to the Shire of Murray Animal Management Facility.

    Rangers request that the below guidelines are followed to ensure the welfare of the cat.

    • Several days prior, start feeding the cat where you intend to set the trap. It will be far more likely to enter the trap if it has been fed there previously.
    • Set the trap according to the instructions you were given when you hired it.
    • Make sure it is stable and will not tip over, that is set under shelter, out of rain and sun and out of public view. Please also avoid setting traps in extreme weather conditions.

    It is an extremely traumatic experience for a cat to be trapped and it is essential it is covered for the entire time it is in the trap.  When setting the trap, place an old sheet or towel over the back half.  As soon as you know that the cat has entered the trap, cover the trap completely.  You will need to check the trap every couple of hours during the day and in the morning if set overnight.  Don’t leave a cat in a trap for too long.

    If you have any further enquiries or wish to lodge a complaint please contact the Shire of Murray Ranger Services on 9531 7777 during normal office hours.

    For further information on the Cat Act please see the attached fact sheets in the downloads panel or call the Shire of Murray on (08) 9531 7777.

    Shire of Murray Cat Registration Fees

    Please see the ‘Application for Cat Registration’ form in the Show Downloads panel on the right for registration fees.  

    Pensioner Discounts

    • Pensioners will receive discounted registration rates.
    • Pensioner Concession card holders are eligible for a discount on cat sterilisation from participating local veterinary clinics and hospitals in the AVA Sterilisation for Cats Program. Please see the full list located in the downloads panel for your nearest Veterinary Clinic or Hospital.
    • The Cat Haven, located at 23 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park is running a ‘Countdown to Cat Laws’ campaign, offering a ‘Snip and Chip’ for just $50 to cat owners with a Health Care or Pensioner Concession card.

    For more information visit the Cat Haven website or phone 9442 3600.

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