Our Planning Framework

Planning is undertaken at a statewide, regional and local level. The Western Australian Planning Commission undertakes the state and regional level planning in conjunction with local government. This generally focuses on the big picture or long-term and provides a context for local governments to put in place more detailed planning. The following diagram sets out the overall planning framework.

Key documents from the state and Regional Planning Framework relevant to the Shire are set out below.

The Shire of Murray’s local planning framework consists of the following:

Local Commercial Strategy

This strategy provides a framework for guiding the planning of commercial areas within the Shire to 2016.

Local Rural Strategy

This strategy provides a guide for the future planning of the Shire’s rural land. It divides the rural areas into 22 precincts and sets out a range of objectives and guidelines for each precinct.

Town Planning Scheme No.4

The Scheme is a statutory document which sets out the Shire’s planning aims, the circumstances where planning approval is required, various zones and reserves and establishes provisions for how development and use of land may proceed.

Structure Plans

Structure plans provide a comprehensive yet flexible planning framework for the subdivision and development of new residential, industrial and commercial areas. Structure plans are also known as Outline Development Plans and are adopted under the Shire’s Town Planning Scheme.

Local Planning Policies

Local planning policies are prepared and adopted using the procedures set out in the Town Planning Scheme. They are intended to guide Council’s decisions on planning proposals, whilst not binding, Council is required to have due regard to the objectives and provisions of local planning policies before making a decision.

Structure Plan Downloads

Please see below for a list of all available structure plan documents for download.

Structure Plan List


Austin Cove, South Yunderup

Download 871.72 KB 410 downloads

Greenlands Road Structure Plan

Download 267.11 KB 160 downloads

Lot 42 Hampton Road, Pinjarra

Download 806.30 KB 263 downloads

Lot 530 Lakes Road, Stake Hill

Download 597.03 KB 287 downloads

Murray River Country Estate

Download 901.32 KB 486 downloads

Ravenswood East

Download 276.15 KB 363 downloads
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