Land Subdivision

Applications for subdivision and amalgamation of land are made to the Western Australian Planning Commission via the Department of Planning. The Commission is the authority responsible for determining all subdivision/amalgamation and survey strata applications. Before determining an application, the Department will refer it to the Shire and other relevant State government agencies for comment and recommendations. At this time the Shire will assess the application against its planning framework.

The Shire’s planners can advise on the zoning and R-Coding of your lot, and whether it has any subdivision potential. Further information relating to applications for subdivisions and amalgamation can be obtained by contacting:

Department of Planning

Peel Office
Unit 2B, 11-13 Pinjarra Road
Mandurah WA 6210
Phone: (08) 9586 4600
Fax: (08) 9581 5491

Subdivision Clearance Request

Once conditional approval has been granted and you have completed the works associated with any conditions, it will be necessary for you apply to the relevant State Government agencies and the Shire for clearance of conditions. The relevant agencies are nominated on the WAPC approval at the end of each condition.

For Shire related conditions you will need to complete an application form to pay the associated application fee and submit the appropriate supporting information.

Application packages are available at the Department of Planning at the above address or can be downloaded from the Department of Planning website.

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