Development Assessment Panels

Development Assessment Panels

Each DAP consists of five panel members, three being specialist members and two local government councillors.

As an outcome of recent planning reforms, planning applications for proposed development with a value over $ 10 million dollars is assessed and determined by the Metropolitan South West Development Assessment Panel (DAP).  In circumstances where applications have a value of between $ 2 million and $ 10 million, applicants are able to choose whether the application is to be assessed and determined by the DAP or by Council or the Shire (under delegated authority).  Applications with a value below $ 2 million are assessed and determined by Council or the Shire (under delegated authority).

Previous Council Meeting agendas and minutes are available to download here.

Recent/Upcoming JDAP Minutes/Agendas:

    For information about how DAPs operate, membership, development application types or minutes for meetings prior to those listed above, please refer to the Planning WA website.

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