Permit to Burn

During Restricted Burning Times, a Permit to Burn is required and is obtainable free of charge from your local Fire Control Officer or locality Permit Issuing Officer below -

Permit to burn map and contact details

IMPORTANT - Even when a Permit to Burn has been issued, no fire is to be lit when the Fire Danger Rating is Very High or above.

Permit issuing information

  • No permits will be issued during the Prohibited Burning Time
  • No permits will be issued for properties less than 4,000m2
  • Permit holders are required to adhere to all conditions on the permit
  • Special conditions may apply

Considerations prior to burning

  • Weather conditions: Always check with the Bureau of Meteorology for haze alerts and weather conditions in your area
  • Tell your neighbours: Give sufficient notice of your intention to burn to ensure adequate preparation time especially for relocating any persons with respiratory issues
  • Condition of refuse: Only burn dry, dead material to minimise the amount of smoke produced
  • Control the load: Do not burn more than you can manage, commence with a smaller fire and gradually add more material