Built Environments

Public Buildings

Public buildings throughout the Shire are inspected regularly by Environmental Health Services staff to ensure emergency escapes, exit signs, ventilation and toilet facilities comply with the Health (Public Buildings) Regulations 1992. A Certificate of Approval for Maximum Accommodation is required for any building or place where people gather such as clubs, recreational centres, halls, churches, licensed premises and some outdoor events, such as music festivals. The maximum capacity is determined by toilet numbers, ventilation, exit widths and floor area.

Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds

Caravan parks and camping grounds located within the Shire are inspected regularly to ensure that they meet legislative requirements. The Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Regulations 1997 permits a person to reside in a caravan which is on private property for up to three days, out of every 28 days. On receipt of a written application, the Shire may grant approval for a caravan to be used for habitation, for a maximum period of three months, provided suitable sanitary facilities are available. Should you wish to reside in a caravan for longer than three months you must also apply to the Minister for Local Government and Regional Development. See below for information on living in a shed or caravan while building a house.

Temporary Accommodation

The Shire may grant approval for temporary accommodation in a shed/Caravan where a building licence has been issued for a dwelling at the property. The shed is required to have a bathroom with a toilet, shower and laundry facilities, which must be connected to an approved septic system (see Effluent Disposal). In addition the shed or a Caravan must have suitable sleeping and cooking facilities. If you are considering residing in a shed or caravan, please contact Environmental Health Services on 9531 7777 for further information.

Public swimming pools

The Department of Health assesses all swimming pools and ensures compliance with the regulations prior to the aquatic facility being permitted to operate. The Shire routinely inspects public aquatic facilities and takes water samples to ensure that the water quality complies with the legislation.

Holiday Accommodation

We encourage the provision of holiday accommodation in the Shire of Murray, to provide a variety of options for tourists visiting the area.

Approval is required for any commercial accommodation, with accommodation generally classified as caravan parks, lodging houses (buildings or properties for more than 6 people) or holiday accommodation (generally 6 or less people).  An application for holiday accommodation must be supported by a management plan, code of conduct for guests, and emergency plan. A template has been developed by the Shire to assist applicants and is included in our Holiday Accommodation guidelines.

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