Cemetery Information


The Pinjarra Cemetery is located on the corner of South West Highway and Padbury Road. The Cemetery has a number of burial and cremation options available, and staff at the Shire of Murray will assist you and your family to find something suitable for yourself or your loved one.

Established in 1908, the Pinjarra Cemetery was maintained by the Pinjarra Cemetery Board until the 1960’s when the management was handed to the Shire of Murray. The Pinjarra Cemetery has burials dating back to the late 1800’s, many of which are unmarked.

Flower and Ornament Policy

The Flower and Ornament Policy is in accordance with the Cemeteries Act 1986, Local Government Act 1995 and Shire of Murray Pinjarra Cemetery Local Law 2006.

Removal of Flowers on Memorials

(1) An Authorised Officer will remove all withered flowers on Friday of each week and all faded and unsightly plastic or other artificial flowers and memorials on the last Friday of each calendar month.
(2) No person shall place or affix by any method any wooden, metal, plastic or stone memorials or vases, statues or photographs, pots or other memorials within the Cemetery without the approval of an Authorised Officer.

Placing of Glass Domes and Vases

(1) A person shall not place glass domes, vases or other grave ornament:
(a) Outside the parameter of a grave in a Cemetery.
(b) In an area of the Cemetery set aside by the Board as a lawn or Memorial Plaques section.

Plants and Trees

No person shall plant or place within pots any trees, shrubs or plants in the Cemetery without the prior approval of Board or an Authorised Officer.

Use of Wood

(1) A person shall not place wooden fences, railings, crosses or other wooden erections within a Cemetery unless:
(a) The wooden material is a temporary marker.
(b) The person has obtained the prior approval of the Board.

Australian Bereavement Register

The Australian Bereavement Register is a free service to consumers, which helps stop unwanted direct mail being sent to the deceased, thus reducing the risk of distress this can cause to the surviving relatives and friends.

Everyone receives direct mail from companies selling products and services. In life this can be an irritation but when we die the postman can become an unwelcome and upsetting visitor for the family we leave behind. By registering with our free service the names and addresses of the deceased are removed from mailing lists, thereby helping to put a stop to items of post being sent.

For further information or to register please click here.

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