Business In Murray

Located just under an hour from Perth, Murray continues to evolve as the Centre of the Peel Region, with unique investment opportunities complemented by stunning landscapes, so you can arrive for business and stay for the lifestyle.

With a population of approximately 17,000 people and a land area of 1821 square kilometers the Shire of Murray continues to be in the top ten fastest growing localities in the nation.

The economic base of the Shire is strongly influenced by alumina refining at Pinjarra, with more than a third of all jobs carried out in the Shire of Murray associated with this industry. Other important industries include construction (driven by housing growth in the region) and other services, such as retail trade, education and health. Agriculture and forestry are the dominant land uses, but employ less than ten per cent of the population.

By the year 2031, population forecasts suggest Murray will be home to over 45,000 residents. With its close proximity to the highway, a state of the art transportation network and the City of Mandurah, the Shire of Murray provides the perfect location for any business investment.

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