Asset Management

Asset Management is one of the core business activities of local government. The Shire has, over the past 7 years, embarked on a program to improve its asset management practices and processes through a planned approach that addresses community needs and expectations. The Shire is determined to ensure that its assets are managed in ways that ensure that the quality and standard of all its assets meets the community’s requirements and expectations now and in the future.

Improving the management of infrastructure can bring major benefits by ensuring that scarce resources are used in the most cost effective manner. This will enhance economic growth and improve environmental sustainability. It is vital that the Shire develops and maintains rigorous asset management processes, as asset management plans and strategies are key informing documents for the Integrated Planning Framework, and vital to the delivery of services to the community and the development of capital works programs.

The Shire’s assets include physical features within the Shire and consist of items such as roads, drainage, buildings, parks, footpaths, waterway facilities, natural areas and playgrounds. These infrastructure assets represent a huge investment from the community, which has been built up over a long period of time. The attainment of best practice asset management skills and practices will ensure that Shire infrastructure is delivered in a sustainable manner. Asset management is critical as it aims to create linkages between levels of service, asset condition, asset replacement and budgetary provisions.

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