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A listing of common pests is included below. Select the relevant pest for a link to information and control measures.

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Bee Swarms

Western Australian Apiarists' Society


European House Borer

European Wasp

If you suspect that there is a European wasp nest at your property, please let us know:

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Feral Pigs

Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group


Stable Fly Control Measures

March Flies

Owners and occupiers of property in the district breeding or likely to breed flies, are required to mitigate the occurrence of flies on their property and comply with the State Government's Fly Eradication Regulations.


Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group


Portuguese Millipede

Rabbits (Feral)

Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group

Rats and Mice

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Search the comprehensive list of pests on the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development’s website:

Declared Animal Pest Listing

Pest Insects

Pest and Disease Information Service for Agriculture and Food Industries

For further information or if after following the prescribed advice you still experience pest problems, please report the issue to us for investigation.