Apply to Breed Cats

Attain Membership to a Prescribed Organisation

For further information please contact your preferred, prescribed organisation:

Australian National Cats (ANCATS)02 9544 1910

Cat Owners Association of Western Australia (COAWA) - 08 9384 2500

Control Council of Western Australia (FCCWA) - 08 9452 2885

Complete the Cat Registration Form including Part D

Cat Registration Form

You will need to complete a separate registration form for each cat you intend breeding with.

You will also need the details of the cats, including their microchip numbers.

Prepare Your Payment

A registration fee and yearly cat breeding fee will apply per cat.


  • One year registration - $20.00/cat
  • Three year registration - $42.50/cat
  • Lifetime registration - $100.00/cat
  • Annual Breeding Cat Fee – $100/cat

If applying in person, cash, card, cheque and money orders are accepted.

If applying by post, credit card, cheque and money orders are accepted.

Credit card payment is the preferred payment method for email applications. Please complete the respective section of the registration form.

Return Your Completed Application to Us

Return Your Completed Application to Us

In Person:

Please visit our Administration Office at 1915 Pinjarra Road, Pinjarra

Bring along the:

  • Completed registration form
  • Proof of membership and microchipping (proof of microchipping can be obtained from your vet)
  • Payment

By Email:

Email your application to

Please ensure you attach the:

  • Completed application form including credit card details section
  • Supporting documents including proof of membership and microchipping (proof of microchipping can be obtained from your vet)

By Post:

Post your documents to PO Box 21, Pinjarra WA 6208

Please ensure you include the:

  • Completed application form
  • Preferred payment option
  • Proof of membership and microchipping

Application Processing and Issue Registration Tags

We will process your application and pending approval, post or email your Certificate of Approved Cat Breeder.

If you have applied in person, you will receive your registrations tag/s upon application.

If you have applied by email or post we will send your tags with your certificate.

Attach the Registration Tag to your Cats’ Collars

The registration tag links your cat to important identification information that can help ensure your cat’s welfare

Adopting Cats Already Registered with Another Local Government?

We recommend transferring the registration to the Shire of Murray. Please complete the registration form and provide the relevant information in part E, you will need the cats’ tag numbers. There is no fee for transfer of ownership. Pending the type of existing registration, you may only need to pay the per cat breeding fee and subsequent renewal fees.