Shire of Murray approval is required to keep bees.

To obtain approval, please contact the Health team:

Beekeepers must also register with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

Number of Hives Permitted per Property

Approval from the Shire is required for the keeping of bees.  No more than two hives can generally be kept on a lot.

To keep more than two hives, please provide reasons writing with your application to our Health team.


The keeping of bees on a property with the Shire of Murray must comply with the following:

  • The lot where the bees are kept must have an adequate and permanent supply of water and the bees must have access to water at all times
  • The hive/s must be kept outside and at least 10m from any building, footpath, street or public place and at least 5m from the boundary of a lot
  • The hive must be enclosed on all sides by a fence wall or other enclosure to encourage bees to fly at a height over the property boundary
  • Keeping the bees must not cause a nuisance to other residents

Report a Nuisance

Please complete the form below to report a nuisance being caused by bees being kept on a neighbouring property or bee swarms or feral hives on public property within Murray.

For assistance with swarms or feral hives on your property, please consult the listing available on the Western Australian Apiarists' Society website.

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