Securing Quality of Life in Murray

Securing Quality of Life in Murray
September 6, 2018 stephanie

An innovative plan to realise the community’s vision for quality lifestyle, through export-oriented income, will be implemented in the Shire of Murray.

The Shire of Murray Economic Strategy 2018-2022, the first standalone strategy of its kind for the district, sets the framework for economic development and capacity building in the Shire, to deliver strong investment flows, employment, growth in export-oriented income, knowledge generation, economic diversification and a strong local brand.

According to Shire President Cr. David Bolt, the Strategy describes the Shire’s vision, mission and strategic objectives for achieving prosperity via long-term economic growth and industry diversification.

“An improved quality of life for Murray residents is directly related to external revenue flows into the Shire through exports and the Economic Strategy highlights the importance of focusing on sectors that have an export element,” Cr. Bolt said.

The Strategy identifies four key factors for success including knowledge and innovation, export income and investment, capacity and infrastructure and identity and communication.

The strategy assumes that strong results in these areas will ensure significant expansion in economic activity.

The success factors will be targeted through seven key priority program areas of tourism and visitation, centres and place making, science and research, food and agri-business, arts, culture and events, energy and resources and community building.

“The Shire of Murray is well positioned in each of these areas to deliver favourable outcomes for the local economy and community,” Cr. Bolt added.

The Strategy links program areas to local strengths and advantages, to increase propensity to deliver economic growth.

Historically, Shire of Murray Strategic Community Plans have captured the district’s economic growth objectives and initiatives.

Several major developments however demonstrated the requirement for the Shire to develop a standalone, more comprehensive economic strategy outside of this Plan.

The release of the Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million planning strategy highlighted the need for Local Governments, especially where substantial growth is anticipated, to have long-term strategies and plans for economic development.

The progression of the Transform Peel and Dwellingup National Trials Centre projects as well as the Shire’s emerging relationship with the City of Mandurah to promote the Mandurah Murray functional region as a key growth area, further demonstrated the necessity for the Strategy.

“Additionally, conditions for economic development in the Peel region require improvement, to support international trade agreements, the State’s desire to broaden the WA economic base away from a singular mining focus, and the strategic position of Peel relative to the Perth Metropolitan region.

“It is also necessary to improve conditions on a district and Mandurah Murray sub-regional level to accommodate continuous urban growth and a number of key strategic initiatives underway in the Shire,” Cr. Bolt said.

The Shire has articulated the strategy in line with the development of its new Local Planning Strategy and associated review of the its Town Planning Scheme, to ensure the achievement of a modern, flexible and responsive Town Planning system to support future economic development in the Shire and Peel region.

The strategy is conscious of the economic potential associated with the Shire of Murray’s natural asset base and the importance of looking after these assets and natural systems.

“The strategy implies significant change and will therefore be progressively integrated into the Shire’s business and corporate planning processes.

“It further requires community understanding and ownership, as well as private capital to respond to emerging opportunities.

“The successful achievement of the specified goals can disrupt the ‘business as usual’ path of the local economy to bring about real economic growth and transformative change,” Cr. Bolt said.


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