Gilmour’s Garage

Gilmours Garage c.1956

Gilmours Garage c.1956 (Image: State Library of WA)

Pinjarra Motor Garage was opened on the corner of George and James Streets in 1919 by A. G. Denny. However, it seems to have been unsuccessful and quickly closed. In 1924 the building was taken over by Ernie Gilmour, who quickly established a good reputation in the area.

Ernie had a lot of experience in the car and motorcycle business, having worked in both Perth and Bunbury for some time. He advertised that he could not only fix cars, but machinery of every description.

Gilmour’s Garage was an authorised Ford Dealer, and here you could buy the latest models, including in 1929 a 40 brake horse power truck designed to meet “the exacting conditions of Australian roads”.

Cars became very popular in the early 1920s and the businesses in Pinjarra thrived with the influx of new car owners, especially as Pinjarra was on the only road from Perth to the South West at the time. The “road”, South-Western Highway, was very poor and in many parts little more than a sandy, boggy track. Reportedly, Ernie did a great deal of business repairing cars damaged on the dangerous road from Perth.

The business finally closed in 1960 before being converted into a rural supply and hardware shop.