North Pinjarra Revitalisation Strategy

North Pinjarra Revitalisation Strategy
March 23, 2016 stephanie


North Pinjarra has been identified as an area for enhancement and revitalisation. The locality is now several decades old, much of the infrastructure and housing is now quite dated. There is a lack of diversity and choice in the size and type of housing available and a number of issues have been raised by the community including the limited range of services and facilities available, the poor standard of some properties in the area, hooning on local roads amongst other things.


Revitalisation Strategy

The Shire has agreed to work closely with the community to prepare a comprehensive Revitalisation Strategy for North Pinjarra. The strategy will provide a framework for driving an overall improvement in the social, economic and environmental characteristics of the area. It will also assist in sourcing funding for implementing the resultant action plan.

The key area under consideration is shown in the following plan, although the project will also consider as far as is relevant the surrounding area to provide a context.

It is envisaged that the preparation of the Strategy would comprise four key components:

  1. engagement with the local community to clearly establish community held views, issues and aspirations for the area;
  2. an analysis of the social, economic and environmental profile of the area;
  3. based on the results of the community engagement and community profiling, the preparation of a vision and key principles to guide the direction of the strategy; and
  4. the preparation of the strategy which would comprise an urban design framework and comprehensive action plan which will set out how the agreed vision will be delivered.

Community Engagement

To ensure a high level of community engagement occurs during the preparation of the Strategy, a Community Reference Group has been established. The role of this group is to:

  1. provide a forum for community representatives to provide input into the community engagement plan for the project;
  2. enable community representatives to champion and promote the project throughout the wider community;
  3. provide a high level of community involvement during the preparation of the Strategy; and
  4. enable the testing and validation of key elements of the strategy during its preparation.

The Community Consultation Group comprises the following people:

  • Councillor Chris Thompson
  • Councillor Ange Rogers
  • Robert Ewing (North Pinjarra Progress Association representative)
  • Michael Humphrey (North Pinjarra Progress Association representative)
  • Joan McNickle; and
  • Bill Banks.

Further details on the how the community can get involved in this project will be available soon. In the meantime if you would like to share your ideas how to improve North Pinjarra just fill out the online submission form below.

Further information

For more information on this project please contact the Shire’s project officer, Rod Peake on 9531 7730 or at

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