Shire of Murray CCTV helps Pinjarra Police

Published on Friday, 17 March 2023 at 12:00:00 PM

We know that safety and crime prevention is one of our community’s top priorities, CCTV
which is one of the reasons we have always worked closely with our local police.

 We thought this story of how we, and the community, were able to support Pinjarra Police regarding a break in at one of our local shops as a result of our investment in CCTV cameras.

 The Pinjarra Police received a report that Sports Power on George Street had been broken into. Police immediately reviewed the CCTV footage from the shopping centre which identified one offender breaking in and a suspect vehicle in the car park. This footage didn’t show the registration, but identified a second offender was involved as the driver. Police then contacted us and reviewed the Shire of Murray CCTV footage from a different camera which captured a vehicle registration and gave them a starting point.

 Investigators then used the technology available at the WA Police State Operations Command Centre to access another set of cameras, and this time, the footage showed the offenders without any disguise, and the suspect vehicle was subsequently located in Waikiki. Within just a few hours of the offence being reported, two offenders were charged with aggravated burglary and stealing, with one remanded in custody.

 On another occasion, someone decided it would be a good idea to do some burnouts at the George Street/Pinjarra Road intersection, with a group of friends in the car. Despite losing control and ending up in the median strip, the driver’s friends got out to push him off and he continued attempting another burnout.  This incident was also captured on Shire of Murray CCTV cameras which allowed the Police to identify the vehicle which they later stopped while on patrol. The car has been impounded for 28 days and if the driver is found guilty, he won’t be driving it for even longer.

 In both instances, it was the Shire of Murray CCTV footage which allowed the Police to come to a quick conclusion and to locate the offenders, and it’s one of the ways we’re working in our community to help make it safer.

 These incidents don’t happen very often in our community. Pinjarra Police Senior Sergeant, Mark Howes said, “I want to assure you that our community is a safe one. Luckily incidents like the ones highlighted are rare. The use of technology has helped Police solve crimes.”

 Did you know you can contribute your CCTV footage to help the local police as well? By registering the location of your own CCTV camera, if you have one, on the WA Police’s Cam Map website, the Police will be able to contact you if they think your footage might help in solving a crime. This is one of the ways we can all contribute to making out communities safer.

 Go to to register.

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