Shire of Murray announces new focus on sustainability

Published on Friday, 16 December 2022 at 12:00:00 PM

The Shire of Murray Council has agreed to the establishment of a Sustainability Strategy Working Group Shire of Murray Landscape Sunrise
which will help develop the Shire’s new Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

The Environmental Sustainability Strategy will be a guide to the actions required for Council to integrate sustainable practices into Shire operations, community programs, and services. 

Shire of Murray Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dean Unsworth said, “It is one of our focus areas to be stewards of our environment. This Sustainability Strategy will help us pro-actively manage resources and reduce our carbon footprint.”

“The Shire of Murray’s environment is diverse; protecting and maintaining it is essential if we wish to continue to support the liveability and prosperity of the Shire.”

The working group will include Shire Councillors Kirkham and Rogers as the 2 Council representatives, as well as an environmental interest group, and up to five community members. 

It will also provide input into the community engagement strategy regarding the topic of sustainability, champion and promote it in the wider community, provide community involvement and engagement in the process, and test and validate key elements of the Strategy during its preparation.

The Shire will be looking for interested community members to take part in the working group through expressions of interest in early-2023.

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