Major Projects

2018/19 Projects

Regional Boating Facilities: Yunderup Channel Dredging

Regional Boating Facilities: Yunderup Channel Dredging 

Finalisation of Yunderup Channel Dredging works which commenced in the 2017/18 financial year.

Completion – August 2018.

Strategic Community Plan

Preparation of the 2030 Strategic Community Plan and associated Locality Plans.

Pinjarra Festival

Undertake the annual Pinjarra Festival in June 2019. This key event promotes social inclusion, healthy families and is of economic benefit to Murray.

Youth Activities

Youth activities are in high demand throughout the district. The implementation of the Youth Strategy is being rolled out progressively, with a ‘youth kit’ enabling communities to conceptualise and run initiatives. The Kit is housed in a trailer allowing portability and expansion into additional areas.

Proudly supported by: Alcoa

District Structure Planning and Traffic Review

The preparation of district structure plan/s to guide the development of detailed local level structure plans over new growth areas identified within the Western Australian Planning Commission South Metropolitan Peel Sub-Regional Planning Framework.

A District Traffic Review will also be undertaken as part of district structure planning efforts, to identify primary regional roads for future development activity.

St John’s Church

Finalisation of Shire ownership of Pinjarra’s St John’s Church and conservation works undertaken to restore the building’s structural integrity and prevent further degradation.

Additional amenities including kitchenette, toilets and storage will be added pending funding, to ensure a standard suitable for community use.

Community contribution: $170,000

Proudly supported by: National Trust of Western Australia

Edenvale Homestead: Conservation Works

Continuation of works to address site drainage issues causing damp and deterioration of the homestead building.

Lot 102 Lakes Road

Subdivision of Lot 102, Lakes Road to enable the development and sale of 10 lots, with sale funds reinvested in the community.

Corio Road Transfer Station: Covered Multi-Tier Drop-Off Facility

The preparation of detailed design documents for a multi-tier drop-off facility at the Corio Road Transfer Station to improve waste management operations, safety and logistics and better meet community needs.

North Dandalup Hall Airconditioning

Provision of airconditioning at North Dandalup Hall, to satisfy the highest priority of the North Dandalup Locality Plan.

Proudly supported by: MZI Resources, North Dandalup Community Association

Pinjarra Public Cemetery Lawn Area Preparation

Preparation of Lawn Area C at the Pinjarra Public Cemetery to avail additional plots to meet community requirements.

North Pinjarra Recreation Precinct Improvements

Installation of play equipment and oval improvements to activate the amenity and compliment current facilities.

Future Facilities Planning

Preparation of concept drawings for the Dwellingup Pavilion, North Pinjarra Changerooms, South Yunderup Changerooms and Murray Leisure Centre.

Riverbank Restoration

Provision of base design outcomes and materials to enable community assisted riverbank restoration at various locations within built environments along the Murray River.

Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Planning Strategy

The engagement of an external consultant to undertake a Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Planning Strategy to address the impacts of coastal processes across Murray due to climate change. The Strategy will update previous studies and provide for a consistent management and adaptation plan across the district.

Mandurah Murray Economic Development Strategy

Development and implementation of the Mandurah Murray Economic Development Strategy through collaboration between the Shire of Murray, City of Mandurah and Peel Development Commission. The funding allocation will also see to the development of business cases and prospectus to achieve plan objectives.

Bushfire Risk Management Planning

Project officer appointment to coordinate the development of Bushfire Risk Management Planning (BRMP) in accordance with the Office of Bushfire Risk Management guidelines.

Once developed, the BRMP will outline suitable treatment strategies needed for identified bushfire risk and open up external funding opportunities such as the Western Australian Government Mitigation Activity Fund.

Proudly supported by: Department of Fire and Emergency Services

Roads, Shared Paths, Drainage and Bridges

Shared Path Network Extension: Pinjarra Road - Pinjarra to Mandurah

Extension of the Shire of Murray’s shared path network through the progressive construction of a 3.1km shared path along Pinjarra Road from Sutton Street to Murray Bend. There will be further network improvements from North Yunderup and Ravenswood to the Kwinana Freeway in subsequent years.

Proudly supported by: Regional Bicycle Network Grants Program

Murray Street /Pinjarra Road Roundabout and Roadworks

Finalisation of the design to enable the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Pinjarra Road and Murray Street, Pinjarra to address safety concerns and align with the growth of the Pinjarra Town Centre.

Proudly supported by: Australian Black Spot Program, Main Roads

Boyd Road - Drainage and Repairs

Works to address significant road and drainage impacts on Boyd Road. Interim maintenance has continued, but progressive structured drainage and edge repairs are urgently required to progressively improve the current road deterioration.

Other Drainage Renewal and Improvements

  • Peel/Murray Street
  • James Street

Street and Road Construction

  • Del Park Road Reconstruction– Federal and State Blackspot Funding and Alcoa
  • Corio Road– Federal Blackspot Funding

Regional Road Group:

  • Patterson Road – State Blackspot Program
  • Lakes Road
  • East Coolup Road
  • Hopeland Road
  • Burnside Road

Roads to Recovery:

  • Curtis Lane
  • Culeenup Road (West) Resheeting and Reseal Works

Bridge Program

  • Patterson Road Bridge
  • Wilgie Creek North Yunderup Road
  • Regional Road Bridge Program – aligned to Main Roads WA program and funded from developer contributions

Current Works

Current Works

Download the document below to keep up-to-date with all current works taking place within the Shire of Murray.

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