Major Projects

2019/20 Projects

Bushfire Risk Management Plan Development

The development of a Bushfire Risk Management Plan for Murray, Waroona and Harvey, to identify risks and respective treatment plan.

Ongoing to 2022/23.

Fully funded by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

District Structure Planning including District Traffic Review

Ongoing from 2018/19.

Preparation of district structure plans to guide the development of detailed local level structure plans over new growth areas identified within the Western Australian Planning Commission South Metropolitan Peel Sub-Regional Planning Framework.

Continuing into 2020/21.

Planning and Design of the Pinjarra Heavy Haulage Deviation

Funded by the Australian and State Governments through the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development.

Dwellingup Futures

Dwellingup is experiencing a period of change and growth in a variety of industries particularly mining, construction, agriculture, forestry, recreation and tourism.

A road map to guide Dwellingup’s growth and establish a sustainable future is being developed, through multi-stakeholder collaboration, in order to successfully plan and manage for this growth.

Through the development of the road map:

  • A vision will be created and strategic intent defined for the locality
  • New and existing opportunities for industry and jobs will be identified as will methods of co-existence between different sectors, industries and land uses for the betterment of the town, region and state
  • A supportive evidence base will be provided through indicative investment costings and cost benefit analyses

A Stakeholder Working Group (SWG) has been formed. The group comprises representation from a number of state agencies, Alcoa of Australia, Dwellingup Community Compact and the Dwellingup Protection Group. The group will determine how different industries, particularly mining, recreation, forestry and tourism can sustainably co-exist into the future and remain economically viable and compatible, especially considering projected growth in the tourism and recreation sectors.

A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is supporting the SWG to ensure consideration of the state planning context and limitations.

In November, 2019 FARlane in partnership with Roberts Day were appointed as successful consultants to undertake development of the Dwellingup Futures Growth Management Road Map.

The Consultant will brief the TAC on a monthly basis and present the Final Road Map to the SWG. It is anticipated that the project will be concluded within a nine-month period, with the final report considered by the Minister for Regional Development.

The project is being delivered through a partnership between Peel Development Commission and the Shire of Murray.

Tourism, Place Making, Economy and Business

Tourism Strategy and Tourism Marketing and Communication Strategy

Development of strategies to grow the Shire’s tourism industry.

Supporting the Delivery of Initiatives by Local Place Making Groups

Initiatives will improve local streetscapes, encourage community collaboration, engagement and participation, improve the quality of life of local residents and encourage increased visitation and pedestrian presence on the ‘main streets’ and in public spaces, which supports local business and the local economy.

Dwellingup Local Place Plan Preparation

Preparation of a Local Place Plan for Dwellingup to define a shared vision for the town and establish a range of actions for implementation to achieve the vision.

The plan will identify priorities and inform the Shire’s budget and Strategic Community Plan. Further plans for other towns including Pinjarra, North Dandalup and Coolup will be developed in subsequent years.

Dwellingup 100 Town Activation to Maximise Economic Opportunities

Events and initiatives over the weekend of the Dwellingup 100, to ensure a high quality visitor experience, to maximise economic opportunities.

Economic Development Initiatives

Economic analysis and business case development to support government grant applications and continue investment attraction in Murray, including Murrayfield Airport.

Business Capability Support Program

Programs and expertise to enable local business, the tourism sector and entrepreneurial community to upskill, network, collaborate, improve business processes and enhance existing product, marketing and on-line presence.

Façade Refurbishment Subsidy Program

Assistance for community members to improve façades of private buildings in town centres, to improve the centres’ look and feel.

Pinjarra Festival

Undertake the annual Pinjarra Festival in June 2020. This key event promotes social inclusion, healthy families and is of economic benefit to Murray.

Christmas Celebration

Undertake the annual Christmas Celebration in December 2019. This key event is of significant community-building and social benefit to Murray.

Youth Program

To undertake a number of initiatives as part of Murray’s Youth Program, to meet a strong community demand.


Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Planning Strategy

Ongoing from 2018/19.

The development of a Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Planning Strategy by an external consultant, to address the impacts of coastal processes across Murray due to Climate Change. The Strategy will update previous studies and provide for a consistent management and adaptation plan across the district.

Supported by the Western Australian Planning Commission.

Serpentine-Jarrahdale Landcare Partnership

Supporting the efforts of Serpentine-Jarrahdale Landcare in North Dandalup especially with North Dandalup Primary School.

A Memorandum of Understanding will be entered into to ensure access to local rural landcare and equine land management expertise, advice and support and pest control provisions on private land.

Supporting Biosecurity Works and Projects

Building community capacity in weed and pest management by supporting regional programs that deliver workshops, education and resources including rabbit and fox traps.

Community Assisted Riverbank Restoration

Guidelines and materials to enable community assisted riverbank restoration.


Edenvale Homestead Conservation Works

Urgent works to the exterior of the Homestead building including painting, repairs to doors and windows and oiling of timber elements.

Edenvale Landscape Masterplan: Implementation of First Stage Works

Works include tree planting, fence replacement, repairs to well, new seating and planning for reticulation and drainage improvements.

Ceiling Replacement for Miss Adam’s House, 6 George Street, Pinjarra

The Shire owned, heritage listed property in Pinjarra’s main street will undergo conservation works to preserve the building for future generations.

The building features a number of moulded and ornate ceiling roses and similar features, which will be retained, repaired, reconstructed or replaced as necessary.

Facility Upgrades/Improvements

North Dandalup Oval and Play Space

Staged construction pending income from lot sales at Lot 102 Lakes Road.

Works will be undertaken as per the Recreation Precinct Masterplan. Components and staging will be confirmed prior to the commencement of works. The initial stage is likely to include the provision of a bore, reticulated grass area, playground and picnic tables as well as upgrades to the car park and services including power, lighting and water.

Murray Aquatic and Leisure Centre Court One Toilet and Change Room Renewal

Works will refurbish toilet and change room facilities servicing gym and group fitness members as well as users of courts one and two and improve accessibility for persons with a disability.

Works will see to the retiling of walls and wet areas, new fixtures and equipment, renewal of floor surfaces and change room seating, repairs to damaged vents and ceiling, new lighting, painting, new sectional, toilet and shower doors and new disabled change room fixtures, mirrors, basins and baby change table. Works will ensure facilities are compliant, safe, functional and appealing for members and customers.

24 Hour Gym Access at Murray Aquatic and Leisure Centre

Enabling gym access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

North Pinjarra Masterplan Progression

Enhancement of play area through the provision of access to toilet facilities.

Community Facility Fund – $4,853

As part of the budget adoption, funding has been allocated for the upgrade of the hall kitchen and installation of an additional air conditioning unit.

Murray Street Masterplan, Coolup

Development of a masterplan to align entry statement, landscape, shared path and drainage improvements with community and functional outcomes. Drainage improvements will be undertaken following development.

York Street Park Upgrades, Furnissdale

Addition of shade sails and establishment of green space for passive recreation.

Supported by Alcoa.

Gowman Reserve Playground and Landscaping, Ravenswood

Installation of playground and path network to improve the recreation amenity for residents.

Supported by Lotterywest and Alcoa.

Waste Station Upgrade

Design of tip face for Corio Road Waste Transfer Station.

Construction scheduled for 2020/21 – total project value $660,942 over the two years.

Pinjarra War Memorial Relocation and Landscaping

Physical relocation of the memorial and supporting landscape works at the new site within the Glebe Land near Edenvale Homestead.

Stonemasons will remove and renew the structure prior to reinstallation at the new location.

Supported by Alcoa.

Sport and Community Facilities Feasibility Studies

Development of feasibility studies and business cases for changerooms at South Yunderup Oval and Dwellingup Sports Pavilion as well as the Ravenswood Community Facility. It is also proposed to assess the need for additional facilities at the Sir Ross McLarty Sporting Precinct.

Road Works

Readheads Road Interim Shoulder Improvements, North Dandalup

Interim road shoulder works to address narrow road width. Increased traffic volume has resulted in the gravel at the edge of the bitumen seal to weather, causing a drop from the edge of the bitumen to the gravel. This can lead to vehicle damage and is a safety concern.

Readheads Road Safety Audit and Road Upgrade Design, North Dandalup

Redesign of the road to facilitate future upgrade works to accommodate road demand including heavy vehicle usage and improve safety for road users and residents.

Coolup South Road Upgrade

Road widening and reseal works to a portion of the road.

The road is currently too narrow to accommodate its heavy vehicle usage, which is damaging seal edges leading to increased maintenance demands and hazards to road users.

Murray River Drive Road Upgrade, South Yunderup

A road safety audit will be undertaken to guide road redesign to an urban standard to delineate vehicle and pedestrian activity. The design will assist with funding applications for works.

Boyd Road Stage Two Drainage and Edge Repairs, North Dandalup

Continuation of significant road and drain repairs to prevent road deterioration caused by storms.

Marinup and Moore Street Improvements, Dwellingup

Addressing significant deterioration especially adjacent to the Dwellingup Hotel.

Key Private Developments

Centre for Innovation in Agriculture, Lot 302 Del Park Road, North Dandalup

The Centre for Innovation in Agriculture will accommodate leading research programs with a focus on improving agricultural business viability and productivity and support education and training in the agri-food sector.

It is intended that the Centre will build the region’s knowledge economy and boost employment opportunities and aspirations for higher education learning.

The Centre will provide access for businesses, researchers and entrepreneurs and will include:

  • Laboratory facilities
  • Meeting rooms
  • Workstations
  • Training/meeting/restaurant facilities


  • Stimulant for local employment opportunities
  • Supports education
  • Addresses lack of opportunity for community involvement in further education within the region
  • Has potential to support agricultural productivity and better position businesses to support the global agri-food industry in an environmentally responsible way, considering regional environmental challenges
  • Potential to provide access to new markets

The Centre complements the Transform Peel initiative which is expected to support more than $16 billion of economic activity per annum and 33,000 local jobs by 2050.

Through collaboration the project has the potential to strengthen networks and facilitate investment opportunities.

The project is an initiative of the C.Y. O’Connor ERADE Village Foundation, in partnership with industry, Murdoch University, international and national research organisations and government agencies.

2018/19 Projects

Regional Boating Facilities: Yunderup Channel Dredging

Regional Boating Facilities: Yunderup Channel Dredging 

Finalisation of Yunderup Channel Dredging works which commenced in the 2017/18 financial year.

Completion – August 2018.

Strategic Community Plan

  • Plan adopted: Thursday 23 May 2019


Pinjarra Festival

Over 15,000 people attended this key event.

Youth Activities

Numerous youth activities were run over the course of the year including:

  • Street Chillz Drug Aware Youth Fest
  • Dungeons and Dragons Late Night and Learn to Play
  • Pinjarra’s Amazing Race
  • School Holiday Events
  • Skate Clinics
  • Ravo Hoops

Proudly supported by: Alcoa

St John’s Church

Pinjarra’s charming St John’s Church has been conserved and reopened for community use.

  • Ownership finalised: January 2019
  • Conservation works complete: May 2019
  • Church Reopened: 30 May 2019

To learn about hire opportunities click here.

Edenvale Homestead: Conservation Works

Continuation of works to address site drainage issues causing damp and deterioration of the homestead building. Further works will be undertaken in 2019/20.

Lot 102 Lakes Road

Subdivision complete and sale of the 10 lots to proceed in 2019/20. Funds will progress construction of the North Dandalup Oval and Play Space.

North Dandalup Hall Airconditioning

Installation completed.

Other works included:

  • Resanding and sealing of the wooden floor
  • Installation of new oven
  • Installation of sound moderation improvements to reduce echo
  • Installation of window treatments for sound moderation and aesthetics
  • Installation of exterior barbeque

Proudly supported by: Australian Government’s Stronger Communities Program, Resource Capital Funds Foundation, MZI Resources, North Dandalup Community Association

North Pinjarra Recreation Precinct Improvements

Play equipment installed and playground opened in May 2019.

Funded by: the Australian Government’s Stronger Communities Fund, Alcoa and the Shire of Murray

Future Facilities Planning

Continuing into 2019/20.

Riverbank Restoration

Lower Murray River Foreshore Stabilisation Guidelines adopted in June 2019.

Mandurah Murray Economic Development Strategy

Plan adopted by Council in November 2018.

Bushfire Risk Management Planning

Bushfire Risk Planning Coordinator engaged in June 2019. Plan development ongoing into 2019/20.

Drafts Southern Palusplain Strategy

Adopted by Council in June 2019.

The final strategy has been forwarded to the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage to present the Council endorsed land use option for approval.