Healthy Habitats Program

The Healthy Habitats program is a collaborative partnership between the Shire of Murray and Landcare SJ. The program was introduced to the Shire of Murray in 2017 and since then, several properties have joined. 

With Healthy Habitats we aim to encourage the voluntary protection of natural areas in private ownership. This is of vital importance in protecting remaining natural areas and in helping to meet the conservation targets outlined in the Shire’s Local Biodiversity Strategy.

The Healthy Habitats Program offers: 

  • Ongoing information and advice about bushland management
  • A site visit and an ecological assessment with specific management advice
  • A Pest Management Plan for your natural area
  • Assistance with funding to carry out bushland management activities

Frequently asked questions

What are natural areas?

Natural areas include large and small remnant bushlands, wetlands and waterways. They are important environmental assets with many social, economic and environmental values.

Why should I protect the natural areas on my property?

Landholders play an important role in protecting natural areas.

Since European settlement, over 80% of the original native vegetation on the Swan Coastal Plain has been cleared, meaning the little patch of bush on your property accounts for part of the 20% of vegetation that remains.

Therefore, it is important that we as a Shire and as a community, protect our remaining natural areas, and ensure they persist for many generations to come. To do this, landowners have a critical role to play.

How to join

Complete the online form below or contact the Shire’s Environmental Services team and let us know you are interested in joining the program.

Register your interest

What comes next? 

A desktop assessment of the property will be completed. If you are considered suitable: 

  • A site visit by a Landcare SJ personal botanist will be organised. 
  • The site assessment will be completed.
  • Advice and bushland management actions will be provided to the landowner and the Shire of Murray. 
  • On-ground actions will commence with support from the landowner. 
  • You will become officially recognised as a Healthy Habitats member. 

Additional information

  • Eligibility for membership of the program is at the Shire’s discretion.
  • The program does not place any legal binds or controls on the property or landowner
  • Landowner may withdraw from the program at any given time.
  • All property-specific information shall remain confidential and not provided without the owner’s consent.
  • Support from the Shire in carrying out on-ground actions is subject to landowner contribution to the program.

Download the Healthy Habitats brochure to learn more