Free RV Overnight Stay Area

Free RV Overnight Stay Area

Recreational vehicles may use this area for 24 hours only. The time frame between one period of stay and the next period, by the same Recreational Vehicle is 5 consecutive nights. A maximum of 15 Recreational Vehicles are permitted.

  • RV use, camping or operating vehicles on other areas of the reserve is prohibited.
  • Camp or cooking fires prohibited at all times.
  • Please use the rubbish bins provided, or take your rubbish with you.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) means purpose built recreational vehicles, caravans, buses, coaches or other types of vehicles primarily designed and constructed to provide occupancy to a person or persons that are licensed to operate on a road.

A Recreational Vehicle using this area must be fitted with an operable integrated black water waste system with a holding tank within the RV. The RV must also have a grey water waste system fitted with the system being capable of capturing grey water without it being deposited on the ground (an integrated holding tank is not required). Grey water captured must be disposed of off-site.

Constructing, erecting or maintaining a fixed annex is not permitted whether or not attached to an RV or otherwise, where poles or other means are used to fix an annex to the ground, a tree or other fixed point. (Annexes that do not require fixing to the ground and that form part of the RV are permitted). Clotheslines external to an RV are not permitted.

A copy of the Shire’s Recreational Vehicle Use Policy is available here.


Pinjarra-Williams Road, Pinjarra

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