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As a condition of applying for this permit, I acknowledge that: 

  1. The Incident Controller remains solely responsible for managing incidents and has the right to decline assistance and/or revoke access into an incident area at any time
  2. The Vehicle Identifier Sticker is for the purpose of assisting with fire suppression activities only and access will not be permitted for any other reason
  3. The driver will ensure that the vehicle and occupant details are registered with the Incident Controller prior to engaging in any fire suppression activities and notify of departure from the incident
  4. The Vehicle Identifier Sticker does not provide access through closed roads or Vehicle Control Points (CVP) prior to registering your arrival with the Incident Controller
  5. The vehicle has an operational warning amber beacon and UHF radio fitted, and Channel 29 will be monitored, unless otherwise instructed by the Incident Controller or their delegated Officer (i.e. Sector Commander)
  6. It is the responsibility of the owner and/or driver to ensure that the vehicle is safe to operate and fully complies with the requirements of the Road Traffic Act 1974 and subsidiary legislation
  7. I have received a copy of the DFES “Operating Private Equipment at Bushfires” booklet and along with all potential occupants of the vehicle have read this publication prior attending an incident and will ensure all occupants adhere to all obligations therein
  8. Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and clothing in accordance with the requirements outlined in the DFES “Operating Private Equipment at Bushfires” booklet will be worn by all occupants at all times
  9. I have full comprehensive vehicle insurance and adequate personal insurance coverage in place for the driver and any occupants assisting
  10. I will not seek recompense or compensation of any kind for the assistance that I provide
  11. If the vehicle is no longer used for fire suppression (i.e. sold, configuration change, etc.) the identifier sticker will be removed and advice provided to the Shire
  12. The permit is valid until the date shown on the permit and it is my responsibility to apply to renew, at least thirty (30) days before the expiry date
  13. The permit issued may not be recognised when the Department of Fire and Emergency Services or Department of Parks and Wildlife are in control of an incident
I accept the above conditions*

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